Saturday, February 20, 2010

And the box hits the floor!

I like these types of posts they serve as a nice clearing house for my brain meats. So lets see.

1st) I decided what the new SLA game session I want to write is going to be about. It is going to be a game session that will be disighened for a larger group of people. I think it is going to be neat. It is also going to be one of those things that they will horribly horribly fuck up because they are all kinda dumb. I love them but god damn.

2nd!) I am going to start writing the shadow run game sessions. They are fun! I figgure if I get through two then I am totally getting myself some of those books. I want to have cybernetic hands that crawl around and do shit! That is to cool for school. I am pretty excited about it. I also kinda want to start getting up on the whole world building thing for the summer D20 game. That will be nice because something like that will be able to support a larger player base. I kinda have some ideas as to how I want the world to work and I have some other ideas as to how I want the game to work out but I suppose I should get a jump on getting shit written down. Like I need to get things like goblin/orc encampments written out and all that other stuff. Neat!

3rd) I want to get back into doing the chinese calligraphy thing again. I was going to start back up last night but my brain just was...oh hey go watch this I am perfectly aware that I can embed videos but whatever I don't feel like scrolling up to the top of the screen to make that happen. I don't care. So yeah chinese calligraphy. I am totally ready to start that again, for real this time. I still need to pick up some ink though. I am not adverse to grinding my own ink, I find it very relaxing, almost medatative. But when I just want to practice brush strokes for an hour or so it gets pretty fucking irritating.

4th) I am not sure why I number these things it always seemed pretty wierd to me. I just realized how insanely inaccurate my typing is. Oh well. I am kinda sad about that and I suppose I should just blame my tiny keyboard rather than my own personal faults. I'm okay with that though.

5th) The geek writting is taking over. This is due to a number of factors. 1, my subscription to Time Magazine has run out and I changed my credit card information because that is easier to do than it is to call them and tell them I don't want to give them money anymore. I kinda wanna switch to Harpers and the Atlantic either way the influx of political discourse is at a low.

6th) I have been really interested in the idea of the enfleshed mind. Last night I went and took some of my view points for a spin. Being as tired as I was I am not even sure I made sense and I am kinda afraid to go back and read it. Terrifying. Still though, it is something I am interested in. It seems to me that it is something that gets down to the core of how people precive the world. Not so much the mind being in the body but the concept of the body itself. The idea that the body is whole, and that the mind is a unified part of that whole. It isn't. Here is the thing though, should it be? That is where one of the major stumbling blocks are. How far should we modify the body to the mind or the mind to the body, which do we privalage and why? I am one of those people who privalges the mind over the body. It isn't

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