Monday, February 1, 2010

Clearing the Decks

So I've tried to write the Superheroics/Transhuman blog twice now and I've failed both times. I've also failed at writting two other posts. So that definatly means break time. Not so much that I will be taking a break from writing period, just the blogging thing, which to be fair, I do more than any other thing under the sun. I have rpgs, letters, and stories to write so I am going to focus on them for a bit. Before I do there are several things I want to say.

1) I am still doing the month in review, I'll do that tonight though.

2) Ghost hunting shows. I honestly can't remeber if I said this before or not but the science behind them seems off. For example they only search the visual spectrum instead of say the infared specturm or something like that. There is also no real study into what exactly happens when they make the room go cold. Lastly, light needs something to reflect off of right? I mean that is how light works. Ergo if you can see a ghost then there has to be something there that is causing the light to reflect off of. If they can speak then they have to have some way of creating soundwaves. Looking into both of these things would actually answer questions, instead of just sticking cameras in haunted houses.

3) The new VTES expansion comes out on Wensday! I am really excited. Tonight I am going to go see if I can find a place to preorder them. Oddly enough I can't do it through white Though they are kind of an idiotic company so who knows.

4) I am so utterly frusterated by the current generation of game systems. The ps3 is a system with more horse power but because it is so annoying to design games for stuff ends up running better on the much older less powerful x-box 360. Then there is the wii. Worst of all everyone thinks that this is the future of gaming when it isn't. It is annoying.

5) Its funny that I like J-music. I mean at the end of the day the pillows is really nothing more than Blink-182 or any other pop punk bands that we make fun of over here. What redeems japanese music is the fact that they cheerfully abandon the need to make sense. If you listen to the english lyrics they sometimes have they...are amazing. But not in a "makes sense" sort of way. The japanese lyrics, when translated to english still don't make sense. Even the songs that make an effort to make sense keep a rather tenuous hold on the whole logic thing. Anyway. One thing that I think the surrealists really failed to account for what the world would look like if they suceeded. Oh well I want to do something special for that.

K decks are mostly cleared.

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