Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Woah woah woah, okay A/R/F

Abort, Retry, Fail. If you are an Alpha Centrui fan then you know the correct answer :). FYI if you ever want to impress me the answer is retry always retry.

Okay so now then moving on. So I was sitting at home earlier playing dungeon fighter and I was having a grand old time with myself. Then something clicked, I wanted to have a grand old time tomarrow night too, and I could. All I had to do was stay home and everything would work out the way I wanted it to. Then I realized I had been spending more and more time alone. Heck ever since I got back from New Orleans I have been paticularly withdrawn. So breaking the cycle, I am now here in Books a Million writing. This may not really look like a big deal to you but whatever. Getting myself to leave the house is a major event for me. Its funny, once I am home it is equally difficult to get me to say run an errand as it was the first time I went up to New Orleans at the drop of a hat with no prior planning or knowlage on my part. It is all difficult and sometimes, just sometimes I wish a few of those basic mundane things weren't still so bloody hard. No matter. I know that if all those normal things were easy for me then there would be so many things about my current life that I would find just impossible.

I've never written a love letter. Tonight I change that.

I also want to start doing chinese calligraphy again. I want to do both of these things, if I suceed at one well enough I'll be able to intergrate one into the other! That's exciting. I am having trouble concentrating, and I think I know why. Onwards to purification! It is the only way.

This is a box of cockroaches kind of night tonight. This doesn't bother me though, I like seeing where my mind goes.

So today I finally got around to watching "The Host". I have this amazing fascination with seeing how the rest of the world precieves Americans. Take "In Bruges" for example. The three Americans in that movie were a herd of elephants, agressive, and generally pretty american. In The Host however, they were something very diffrent. See the host is a giant monster movie. Okay well more accuratly it is a medium sized monster movie. The point is this monster just flies up out of the Han river (that's in Korea for all you non geography freaks) and begins eating people. This is within the first 15 minuts of the movie. The thing is though America forms the movie's second monster. And jesus, they had us nailed down to a T. I really don't know where that saying comes from and upon typing it out it looks really stupid. Nailed down to a t what is that a crucifixion reffrence or something? Man I hope so that would be hilarious.

Moving back to the topic, before the actual monster shows up, the movie opens up with a lab tech talking to a lab supervisor. The tech being Korean and the supervisor being extra American. The supervisor, who hates dust, demands that all the dusty formaldehyde bottles be dumped out into the sink. This sink leads to the sewers which in turn leads to the Han river. The movie never connects this scene to the rest of the movie which is good, otherwise I would of hated it. It was more like an aside, a commentary. Here we have waste, pollution, both of with are unessisary being dumped by a larger power onto a smaller one, and the smaller one having to deal with it.

It is a nice elegant little scene. So when later the giant mutated fish comes stomping out of the water you know it isn't just the formaldehyde but our tradition of waste doesn't help. I love the fact that it was an american who ordered the polluting, after all we are one of if not the biggest source of waste in the world. Its good stuff.

It doesn't end there, though it could of. There is also a moment where an American serviceman dies as a result of a conflict with the thing. All the sudden, America swoops in like an ocean of red white and blue declaring the Korean government's inability to deal with the problem intolerable and decides to dump Agent Orange, a biological weapon on the monster. That last sentence either needs semicolons or it needs to be broken up. However, I forgot my mouse at home and I don't like the touchpad. I just thought that you would like to know that I know about some of the mistakes I make.

Of course the Korean people protest, AS THEY SHOULD, I mean we are dumping a majorly toxic biological weapon on their city because one American died. The thing is though? That is how it goes down. Right there. See I get it.

From an american view point we don't get it. When someone dies overseas the average person doesn't even register it. All we know is that there will be some sort of increased military presecense in the area. In the movie though, that man's death represented a major turning point. All the sudden it was "Oh shit America is coming". Its an effect that I don't think any of us living on the inside could ever really understand. I guess, try to imagine some Chinese nationals getting iced over in Boston and all the sudden we have the Chinese army in our country demanding to know whats going on and where their money is. See its scary. It is a reality we don't live with, but countries under our thumb do and it is all well and good until someone dies.

The sad thing is that I would of missed this. All of it would to tottaly gone over my head and I'd be writing about something else right now. The only reason why I caught it is because I was reading The Loosers earlier. It is a comic book, essentially it is a comic book action movie. It has just enough intelegence to it to keep my interest and just enough action to make it awesome. I've read it three times now. Anyway there is a moment when they are in Quatar and the King asks the Loosers to go save a group of CIA agents from some terrorists. See if any one of the Americans died then all of america would be up Quatar's ass and everything would be impossible for everyone. Essentially it was a set up where the good guys had to go shoot at bad guys for while. It was fun! It wasn't until a little bit later when I am watching a movie and I see what happens when someone dies that I got the picture. I mean we were the secondary fucking monster in that movie. Jesus.

It is quite an amazing movie, stupid sad though. What the fuck.

The thing is I didn't even start to emcompass just how big of dicks we come across in that movie. It is pretty intense though. I almost want to get a bunch of post colonial theory out and write about it. I might actually, that sounds really neat. I wish I knew how to get in touch with professor Braun. She would love this movie. I don't miss many people but I do miss her. She was so happy when I handed her a copy of Ziezek's A Pervert's Guide to Cinema. She started off telling me about how it might take her awhile to get it back to me, but then when I told he she could have it her voice just lit up. Made my fucking day.

She would like the movie.

Okay so here we are reminising about the past. I guess it is time to move on.

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