Friday, February 19, 2010


Okay, so I was going to deal with the problems caused by the idea of the enfleshed mind. Ie the idea that all of us is contained within our bodies. It doesn't paticularly nix the idea of the soul but rather it focuses more on the fact that we have this interconnected web of biochemical reactions, electrical impluses, and a whole bunch of other stuff that we don't even know about and that is pretty god damn cool. It focuses less on the mechanical aspect and or on the fact that we are an organism and that the mind machine analogy is just that an analogy. Bringing it to far is retarded, and ultimately, harmful. I don't know if the idea of the soul and the enfleshed mind are truely compatible. However, I don't feel bad about throwing religion in people's faces and just sort of brushing it off. I mean you don't know what a soul is really. If I were to believe in one I would totally make it all about something that excists outside of our corporeal excistence. After all the idea of the soul and the idea of the body have nothing to do with each other. THey just happened to be connected because no one thought to disconnect them. Strange no?

I mean really though it we place the entiretly of our minds, our personalities, our ablity to be cognative thingies, then there is no reason that the soul can't be all of these things but outside of the body. How can it do that? Well through god's infinite power, duh. Its strange though because people put a lot of stake in the wholeness of the body. Try getting into a discussion about trans issues with people who are very body oriented. A lot of them can't do it. They can't see how it is possible sor someone to feel out of place in their own body. This is because to them the body is a unit, mind and all.

This is the danger of the enfleshed mind. Lets not dance around the issue or try and brush it off or anything like that. Nope no. The danger of the idea of the enfleshed mind is the fact that there will be people who are insistent that there is a certain way which your mind is supposed to work, any deviations from this baseline averageness is a disorder.

In all honesty this is where I am stuck. This is because people associate the idea of mental disorders with the crazy, and to be fair to a certain degree they are correct. So I guess I this would be the point where I would take a stand on trans issues. BUT I AM TIRED. I am tired enough that I will keep rambling away at this thing though instead of easting pasta noms and doing something else. Right so trans issues. How to get things going... well okay first of all the mind is capable of acting independently of the needs of the body. The mind is also capable of acting independently of the needs of itself.

So for example, the mind could produce a want/reward chain that leads to over eating. That might not be clear so to clarify... you are not hungry. But a plate of cookies is set in front of you. You like the taste of cookies. The desire for the taste of the cookies overpowers the fact that you are not hungry, and the health hazards involved with unessisary eating. You then eat the cookies, the cookies taste good and as a result you feel good encouraging you to eat more cookies. This coninues until you are either out of cookies or the thought of not being hungry/wieght gain prevents you from eating more cookies.

In short the mind is more than capable of working contrary to our best interests. We convince ourselves of bad ideas, or to belive in fictional concepts all the time.

The mind can also work in contrary with itself. I can't think of anything better so I am going to throw out clinical depression. Depression works in such a way that despite the fact that there is actually nothing mechanically wrong in your life, or more tenchincally there is no stimulus that should logically produce the responce of sadness, you become sad. In myself my mind would then search for a stimulus capable of producing that level of sadness like my signifigant other, my parents, or something abstract. However, that is mearly my mind putting a stimulus to an empty responce.

Woah okay now I totally need to go home and do something else. I'll come back to this eventually though because it interests me.

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