Sunday, February 21, 2010

Purple Figments

This might spontaneously end much like the last one. If it does I don't really feel bad about it. I am in a good mood though, a good enough mood that I don't feel like dealing with people. I just sort of want to play my video games, read, and I dunno something else. Its sunday and I hate sundays because everything is closed by the time I get off of work and there are "things" I want to buy. No matter I'll deal with it tomarrow, which is a better time for me anyway. I have a not present present to give to someone. I like giving presents! I don't need a lot of things, just some blank dvd cases and what not. Other people give music or things, and I give out movies. Glorious movies. You know what? Fuck the -ous sound.

Oh so I really want a copy of "A course in modern linguistics" I was flipping through it the other day and it looks neat. I've always wanted a copy of it but every time I see it, it is around 20 bucks which is a large chunk of money that is primarily could be use for a cooler piece of theory. Of course all the books on amazon are really expensive so I don't know what the deal is. Oh well. I'll pick it up someday on a whim and vaugely regret it but not really.

Moving on. People who fry moonpies have problems. Just sayin.

I've been wanting to play through a big clunky roleplaying game. I really want to play persona 3, holy shit that game is so cool. I just don't think I want to devote the 80 hours it would take to beat it into the ground. That is some seriouse time to devote to a game. Of course I say that while spending at least an hour a night on kingdom of loathing, or a couple of hours on dungeon fighter, but it is diffrent with persona. There is a lot of extended concentration involved, and to be honest? The whole time limit thing sort of stresses me out. That is the main thing that is holding me up. That's kind of a lame reason but whateva.

Oh oh oh, I need to remind myself to go to the eye doctor on wensday, or maybe tuesday afternoon. Hell I should totally wake up early and just do that. Since I am reusing my frames it shouldn't be all that expensive. Its been an expensive month for me and the glasses thing is kinda unanticipated. I also need to get an oil change and some general maintenance stuff. Oh well. I guess no new toys for the next couple of months. Huh it isn't often I write about money. Most times I have more than enough and it is nothing more than an abstract concern to me. I don't really spend that much money on STUFF. It is just that by not spending money I don't even have to think about it. Now that I have to I am annoyed.

Oh well my battery is about to die, I left my power cord at home, and I am nearly out of things to say. Well that is not true at all, I have all sorts of things I just not for embloggery. Ah well, like I said earlyer I am in a GOOD mood! And hopefully I won't have to deal with a crippling headache tonight.

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