Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nope this is about VTES

So I was doing some neat thinking on the nature of racism, then that lead to the nature of social constructions, non social constructions and people's ablilty to point fingers. Then I started thinking about helpful fictions and the importance of believing certain things in order to strive for something better, like religion without god, then I started thinking about the idea of a middle ground and the way that people seem to specifically avoid it. Then I started thinking about how would I rebuild the world if I were the one to tear it down and still had people listening to me.

I had a suprisingly thoughtful morning. But now I am going to write about Vampire the Eternal Struggle, because I like that game! Also there is a new expansion out and I am excited about it, and let down by it to but that is the nature of excitment. It is a very rare thing to be increadbly, spine tinglingly excited about something and have it live up exactly to your expectations. Wow. I totally need to write a letter to Sasha. Anyway, I got three of the four new starters and about 6 boosters or so. The jury is still out if I am going to pick up a box of it though. I think I might be better off picked up a box of Black Hand or 3rd Edition but whatever I'll figgure that out later.

Of the three starters one is useless, one is compleatly playable, and other other can turn into a beastly bruise bleed deck should I give it the proper tender loving care. I don't really feel like dealing with either of those things for the moment though. Right now I want to spend a few minuts talking about the Baali. At least I think that is how you spend it. See in competative multiplayer games my favorite thing to do in the world is to take a solid stance where I am well on my road to victory and I cheer relentlessly over how no one can do anything about it. Then I like watching an entire table squirm. Sometimes it works out awesomely. More often than not I get curbstomped but that's fun too at the end of the day.

Now this big boy at the top of the screen. Look at that list of disciplins. See unlike the poor Salmadi who have shit discaplins, Obfuscate, Celerity, Daimoinon, and Presence. Protean is just sort of thrown in there as an added bonus. Of course there is one notable downside, it costs a pool to untap him. Oh...oh, yeah right. Infernal. STILL. He can toss out ranged agravated damage like it is candy, and he gives you two pool every time he bleeds. So you use one of those bonus pools to untap him and life is good right? NO! It is better! There is a card called greater curse which will also give you a pool if you bleed, so that's three. It does a bunch of other crap too but the pool gaining only costs basic Daimoinon. In addition if I use Flurry of Action to bleed he untaps! For free! With no horrible paying one pool to do so. Also I think I Celerity has a couple of reaction cards that will let me block if the vampire is tapped, hell some of them might let me untap him.

It gets even better though. THere is some card called calling the legion or some such thing which I can toss down and slap on three blood from the blood bank on any infernal vampire I want. What I need to do is diverify my crypt a bit. I need to make sure I am able to get my superstar unnamable out of torpor should he end up in it. He more than likely will holy crap. The other downside? Well I am get to be big loud and scary! Its fun! More on this later.

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