Monday, February 15, 2010

Your Wearing to many belts

And I bet they leave welts. I am feeling highly whimsical today. At some point I got this idea that I was going to scour the internet looking for fabulous pictures that I could use to decorate my blog with. I mean damnit everyone else does it. Then I realized that I don't wanna. Besides it is nice to just sort of have these things come out of nowhere every once in awhile. Also if you know about the Dirty Sanchez song I just referenced I am fucking hilarious!

What is also hilarious is when Olymipic sports casters go off the deep end and just sort of start babbling:

"They call him 'The Cannibal', for his icy concentration."

It was in reffrence to an italian luge person. I am not sure what the announcer was trying to get across but hey everyone screws up sometimes. Which brings me off to today's post, so the olympics are totally happening! Yeah right now. I don't have a way to watch the olympics other than the interwebs, and when I am on the interwebs I have other things I'd rather be doing. So the olympics are just one of those things that gets pushed by the wayside. In a way it is nice because there are all these sports out there that get little to no regognition because they aren't football/soccer/baseball/hockey, and for one brief moment every few years all these weird random sports have a shot of being on tv.

Ballroom dancing is an Olympic sport. Fuck yes.

I'm rather torn about the olympics. I don't paticularly get them myself. Watching sports isn't very interesting to me. Heck, watching people play video games, something I actually care about, is only interesting to me in a very limited sense. I like doing things. There is a lot tied up in the olympics, nationalism, sports, politics, et cetera. For some people it is just a spectacle, for others it gives a sense of national pride, and for me it gives me a sense of vauge befuddlement. There is something about physical motion and action which entrances people. It is why the olympics are such a big deal whereas things like the pulitzer prize and the nobel prize go relativly unnoticed. In a way that kind of saddens me. Then again that is partly the fault of the acedemics.

After all it does seem like they go out of their way to make the way they present information to be as boring as possible. The philosphy behind this is that essays are desighned to present information in a direct economical way. As a result they seem to work extra hard at being as uninteresting as possible. Then they complain about how no one cares. Gee I wonder what that could be about then?

I wonder how I would make it fun, I think I'll start putting my mind to it. Well maybe later I want to finnish up a SLA game session I started last night and tighten up one of the other ones I had written previous.

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