Monday, March 22, 2010

45 Minuts Until Launch

So healthcare got passed, that's pretty intense. More interesting to me though is that the man who shouted baby killer was called out on it and he apologized. This is what is going to take up my interest for the evening. For those of you who don't know:

Yeah see he totally did that. Then the next day he backpeddles like a mother fucker trying to do anything possible to put as much distance between what he said and what he meant. Here is an article for those who are curious.

I don't feel like doing the fancy copy link past thing. It is a pain in the ass. Anyway what I find myself wondering is would the same sort of apologies be made if the health care bill didn't pass, I don't know but I find the whole thing to be rather insulting. Were I to do that in a court of law I'd be held in contempt, fined and eventually jailed. If I did that to a cop I risk being arrested for insulting a police officer. At work I'd be fired. Yet when an elected official does it...nothing. Hell he didn't even have to make an apology, and the only reason why he is doing so is to scramble around trying to save face.

I don't know, never mind I am going to ruminate on the healthcare bill a bit. After all I stand on the dawning of a new age. So let's look out and see what's up? For a long time I was fairly resistant to the idea of healthcare. Mostly because...well look at the state of our government run programs. Then I realized that the worst offenders government wise were from the state run programs. Orphaned children, schools, roads, and FEMA not being allowed into New Orleans were all failures on the state level not a federal one. Yeah see I slipped that Katrina thing in there because it really pisses me off when people shit all over FEMA while the governor of Louisiana gets off scott free. Also California is falling apart and that is mostly California's fault. Its pretty neat when it is all said and done.

On the other hand the FBI is a pretty fly law enforcement agency, the IRS is one of the most ruthlessly effieceint things on the planet, federal prisons are one of the only things that scare hardened criminals (another beanie for the FBI because they catch people like that), and we have the most efficient government run mail carrier in the world. So healthcare on a federal level I can get behind that I guess.

The part that worries me will be getting the actual insurance. See my job provides insurance but the cost would be over 8% of my earnings which is to much according to the ferderal minimum. I am actually pretty cool with that. What I know will happen though is that I will end up with so little insurance that I'll still be paying 100 bucks just to see a doctor and that it will take up 8% of my income. However, I never really went into this with any sort of hope that my needs would be met. After all a single person with no kids who isn't old is about the least liked demographic ever. So I get mildly screwed but I am okay with that because I work with single mothers who make just as much as me and I know that the only way they can do it is with a combination of government aid and luck. Now while this paticular woman's kids are assholes not all of them are so you know I'm glad they can go to the doctor.

As for me the maximum I can pay for healthcare is 80 bucks a month on my current pay scale and so I can live with that more or less. Right now my biggest worry is the republican party. Not the whole party, but the part of the party that thinks it can win things by discrediting the government as much as possible, which is why 80% of all legislation that passes through the senate is filibustered among other things. 4 years isn't so long in the real world but for the government that is CENTURIES. A lot can happen now and then, like passing laws at the state level which will undermine the healthcare bill. These laws will get overturned but not until the supreame court takes a crack at them which may take quite awhile depending on how things go. That's a little scary. FOr the most part though I am looking forwards to tomarrow with a sort of nevouse excitment. When I say tomarrow I mean the next 4 years or so. All in all its a good thing. Not for me nessisarly but I am okay with that.

I really did want to write more about that slinking "babykiller" shouting son of a bitch but oh well. I guess I don't really know what to say, something about classism,

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