Sunday, March 28, 2010

Instead of one thing you get Another

One of these things is not like the other. Teehee I had forgoten how much fun Wormwood Gentleman Corpse is. I really need to make Sasha's brain read it, ALL of it. Sasha's reading list is not what this blog is going to be about, but it could be because her reading list is increadbly interesting and it should be your reading list too.

However, this is my blog. So I read something distressing this morning and I would like to address it here but I don't have the time. LAME. Its basicly a marine wrote this open letter to teabaggers informing them what exactly would happen in the result of a civil war and that they should really watch what they are saying. I came acrsot this in a forum and the conversation was interesting and moderatly paced until some anti government kid came in shouting fear tactics. Thing is he didn't even have the balls to be an internet tough guy, he was just complaining. Which is sad. I wanted to turn the tables on his argument but like I said I am lacking the time to do so.

So we will go talk about the other thing that's on my mind. Which is actually the Iran thing. So we will go to the OTHER thing that is on my mind and that is the fact that I have volenteered to run Mutants and Masterminds. As in I have bought the book and I am going to be comitting a large portion of my time to doing this. Working around the Sasha thing is going to be both very difficult and very easy. Simply put Sasha=win. Though I think we will end up playing over the weekend which is pretty bad ass if we make it happen. Which means I think I will try to find a new place to live on the double. I mean if I had a place friends could come over then it wouldn't be a problem at all. That and half my outlets stopped working.

More than the basic mechanical things that's happening to me is the whole idea of running a super hero game. I am REALLY excited about it. I love super heros I really do, yeah yeah you look at my comic book collection and you will notice a distinct lack of super hero books but I only make so much money you know? But yeah yeah they are great and everything. So I already have all sorts of ideas running around in my head about how I want to do this and villian groups I want to include and all sorts of stuff like that. I totally want to have a fight with Nazi Gorilla's in the terriformed core of the moon. Like that is really exciting to me. I pretty much just really want to get started and it would help if I had the book :(. I should of sprung for the faster shipping, DAMNIT.

Oh well moon nazies definatly happening. Also I want to reinvent the brother hood of Dada though they are going to be the order of the other left. And I want to have a couple of pretty scary villians, Joker style, and I am talking Batman RIP Joker not TV show joker. I don't want to do to much work ahead of time because I would like the players to have some imput on the tone. Maybe I'll let them come up with an arch villain on their own. That would be cool and exparamental I am going to go for it.

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