Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bah at things

I could and should my month in review but you know what? Last month was pretty shitty over all. The thing is though is that most of the shittyness was out of my control. This is why I am a pretty moderate control freak though. So that when shitty things do happen to me it is because of something outside. Huh, I just explained that kinda poorly. I guess the best way to do it would be via example. I had a friend who once...actually airing out the dirty laundery of the people I know isn't the coolest thing to do. Hrm, I guess I'll just try explaining things again. Eh never mind, it is just that there really are things that you can control, then there are things that you can manage, things you can see coming and then you brace for impact, and lastly there are the things you can't control. The things you can't control tend to suck the most and they always come when something else is happening so ts best to keep as much shit as organized as possible. Oh yeah and there is other people's shit. Sometimes you really should put your shoulder to the wheel and help out.

Its a funny thing actually. It isn't a real disorder but there is something where geeks in paticular will obsessivly play social worker for their friends. I think it is the general mentality that they are smart and problems are problems and there isn't a whole lot that can't be solved if... hey there is an XKCD strip about this and I haven't found a picture to go at the top of my blog yet! Woot now that shit just happened. It raises a valid point though. It is something I see happen a lot. I view part of it as a side effect of wikipedia, part of it as a generalized lack of critical thinking, and part of it because it is easier to deal with a problem when we reduce it down to base components. However, a problem is ALWAYS more than its base components so really, REALLY, people need to knock that off. THe other day I called someone on their Iseal Palestine opinion. I asked them some basic questions on either religion, some basic information on the geographic area, some basic political questions, long story short he couldn't answer anything and I told him he wasn't educated enough about the situation to have an opinion and that he was excused from my prescense.

To be fair to him, he thought he did. He thought he knew things. But at the end of the day all he has was a series of sound bites that didn't even come close to the entire story. Unfortunate. But coming into a situation that has been going on for well over a decade two months ago and already thinking you have an opinion, no you don't. Stop it.

Eh I decided I am done with this topic. Were it was going to go is this. Helping people is important. But that is just the thing HELPING. You can't save everyone, not everyone wants to be saved, and sometimes people just wanna drag you down with them. Some of them are beyond the whole idea of convensional help and they need it professional style. Learning the difference is important, but giving up on all people with problems is messed up.

This isn't to anyone personally, just in case. The shoe kinda fits some of the people who read this. Rather it is sort of a responce to a general attitude that some people maintain on rpg.net when giving out advice and such. Some of these things are sad. I talk about kicking people out of my life a lot, because I do it a lot, but I always do it with a heavy heart.

Oh well. People are indeed complicated. Thinking about them makes me wanna go to sleep.

Oh well, I'm still a little bit upset. Last week has been plauging me, normally I am very good at compartmentalizing my weeks but this last one is just sort of running around still smearing feces all over the walls of my life. Oh well! I have the next three days off and while I will not be able to go up and visit Sasha as a direct result of all the stupid bullshit of last week. So I will more than certainly live it up. I will also not have three bitchy preterbed blog posts in a row. In fact? I am going to make sure that happens right now.

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