Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Housing is a left

Left I tell you left! You know I used to be a lot more up beat when I write. I blame the internet, it is a horribly negative place, it really is. This is my corrner of the internet and granted I piss where I choose...but damnit I should be happy to be here. There are things going and and the world is a highly awesome place.

I am in a good mood! Who can tell? So I just got done looking around town for a new place to live. I spent roughly 4 hours doing it. Annnnnddddd? I think I might stick with my fightclub trailer. The thing is that I never really gave it a shot. You know? I could fix it up and it would be really nice. I think I am going to try to make it a place to roleplay in order to do that I need more space. So what I think I am going to do and move all my books into the closet room that I don't use, cloths too. Then I think I am going to put more in the back bed room and do my best to really open up the main bedroom. Once I do that I think I am going make a concerted effort to keep it CLEAN. That means spending a concerted effort on making it a nice place to live. I have more time now and this is the time where I can make it work. Once I do then I can make a better descion as to wether or not I want to live there. I might also make my gas stove work.

Right now though there are four places in my price range and they are all either shady, terrible, run by crazy people, or just not a good idea. So starting tomarrow I am going to undertake a massive spring cleaning project. I am also going to have to get the maintence people involved, and when I am done I should have a pretty snazzy place. The main thing I am going to need are chairs and such or a way for people to sit. I can make that work out, and when I get everything cleaned and such I can start making them fix things.

The point being that things need not be as bad as hey are and if I just need to pick things up and get going with stuff. Woo best most definitive sentence ever.

Also spending over 500 bucks to move to a place that isn't really any better is foolish. It is the thing I've always said, improve the world around you don't keep spreading out looking for something better. Besides the area I live in is really nice and I am in a perfect location for everything. So this is going to work becasue I said so. I am also willing to put forth the effort to make it happen.

I realize now that I've been feeling strangely down lately which is pretty sad pandazors. So it is time to get things going forwards and onwards. Yeah! So I was going to make this post about how a modern civil war would work in america. Yeah see what I mean about depressing? Good god what the hell is wrong with me. It is an interesting concept though and it is one of those things that peope don't really understand. The main though about it is that it won't take place over the entiretly of america, it would be isolated to a more or less geograpicaly specific region. More or less the rebel forces will want to break off and get their own country indian reservation style.

You know I wonder if that would be possible. If I could get 2-3 thousand people together and we get the same sort of status as an indian reservation? What would we do? Prolly substance farming, and some sort of internet serivice like web designing, freelance work, stuff like that. We could wifi rig the whole place and I dunno leagalize pot or something like that. It has potential. Maybe canada would let us do it? Heh cool I just came up wit a commune idea that doesn't utilize a single skill I have.

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