Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Notice how I said I would gaurentee that there wouldn't be three bitchy blog posts in a row? Yeah well I am starting a new one right here. Haha! I am a dick!

Lets see despite wanting to live it up the next three days there are some basic things I want to get done. 1st is another SLA game session. I think I am going to make this one specialy desighned for a larger group of people, like around 6 or so. I am not sure what I want to do, but something kinda big and event based. Since I have always done SLA campains I kinda had to shelve most big events I've wanted to do until my players got to them. They very rarely did. This time though, I think I can cook something up. I am not sure what I want to do though. I am thinking of a major biogenic monstrocity, fused with thresher armor, and some sort of crazy Dank Night involvement. What I kinda want to do is have the thing running around. The players be there on a red, another squad from a grey be there, and still another squad from a silver and they all try to sort it out. I don't think that will work though. That is also ALOT of plates to spin. Maybe...wait no I know what I am going to do. That's going to be FUN! And it will put the FU back in SLA.

Good then once I do that I can get on the whole shadowrun thing I've been wanting to do. I have ALL sorts of shadowrun game sessions I want to get stiched together. I might even be convinced to do a shadowrun campaign. We'll see how running a couple of one shots goes though. I also really need my work situation to stabalize because this is starting to get fucking ridiculous. I haven't been effected by it to much, except for some nonsense next week but you know how it is.

i also want to get back on NA25. The fact that I have not written and published this game yet is actually a source of embarassement for me. There really is no excuse for it other than raw laziness. What I am thinking of doing is just clearing off a month and bunkering down like I did during national novel writting month. Sometime during the summer or maybe in May. April would be a good time for that but I have a birthday that I intend on fully celebrating even if it is on a tuesday. I HATE tuesdays. Bah! What I think might happen here is that I turn it into a development/mindpill place which is what I do with it more often than not anyway.

Before I do that I want to get more done on the PPP. I really need to reign in my ideas for it. I really can do an entire book on the subject I mean there is just so much to write about. Everything from the boxes it comes in, to the way it is prescented, to the plots, to the actual pornography itself. So I think I am going to pull it all back for a bit and get some focus. So the next thing I am going to do to work on it is get down in my head, and then on paper, what exactly it means to view a real sex scene in an unreal medium. This is of CRITICAL importance and there is a lot tied up in it. In all honesty it is something that sits at the core of both the post modern problem, the problem with mediated representation, and the idea of how we precive reality.

I am going to need Lacan and Baudillard for this. Baudillard will set up the basic problems inherent in the way we view reality, and I will use Lacan to set up the problm of the metaphore and what happens when the bar between the signifiyer and signfied get crossed. I am going to admit that pornography is a potentially dangerous medium and yet it is also one of the most honest. It reveals much about our desires, like how sad small, and fucked up they can be. Once I get that all established I will be able to break into things like how the plot makes porn more or less real, and the way it is prescented. Alright so I will work on getting that set up maybe tonight. It depends how awake I am after KOL and Dungeon Fighters.

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