Friday, December 25, 2009

DF Layout Stockpiles 1 and 2

In a stroke of luck I got two layers of soil which is ideal for using in stockpiles. Stone walls leave behind, well stone, and that needs to be cleared in order for a stockpile to be set down. So the soil layers provide me with an ideal place for me to put down storage.

1) Here is the finnished good stockpile. This thing gets huge later on. Those X's are up/down stair cases. Above is trade depot and below is another layer of stockpiles, followed by a centeral meeting area. If you look above the 2, you will see some downward leading stairs. These lead directly to workshops which manufacture goods. This way the dwarves won't have very many steps to travel from workshop to finnished good stockpile. Depending on the stockpile it is somewhere between 25-40 steps which isn't bad at all.

2)This is a farm plot. The other benifit of soil layers are farm plots. A 5X5 farm plot, assuming you embarked with a competent grower, will produce enough plump helmets to keep all your dwarves drunk and fed. The amount of food grown is based on the actual skill of the farmer, so one square can produce something like 25 plump helmets which can be eaten and brewed into alcohol.

3) Funrinture stockpile! These things get massive. There are so many things that count as furniture and they tend to get produced enmasses. Ultimatly it is smart to break these things into a billion diffrent smaller stock piles. However, I don't feel like it. So they all just go in one place and if I feel like it later I'll seperate them, however, I don't see it as being to much of an issue.

4) Here is where the dwarves gather sand for my glass making empire. Making glass kinda sucks. You need bags, these bags get filled with sand, and then they use the filled bags to make glass. The problem is that my glassmakers inevitably work faster than the sand gatherers. More on this latter.

Not to much to explain here.

1) Food on top and drinks on the bottom
2)Metal stockpile, all that stuff will turn into iron which is pretty exiting! YAY!
3)Glass also consumes the bags in question so I need to be constantly making bags. The top one is for empty bags the bottom one is for full bags.
4)On top of the 4 is an animal stockpile which is the only way to store cages, to the right is variouse stockpiles wood, gems, ammo, weapons, leather, cloth things like that.

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