Sunday, December 13, 2009

Love is a Toaster

Okay so back to the parenting article I was going to bitch about. I've decided to widen my scope a bit because the only thing I can really say about the article is that it is vapid and it doesn't nearly cover everything that needs to be addressed. However, just addressing the problem of parenting is one of those things that is brave in of itself. So good on them.

Parenting. I know right? What a weird topic for me to be interested in. I have no desire what so ever to have children. None. Do not want. I don't even want one around long enough to fatten up and eat. Not wanting to raise children I don't really have to much of a say in how other people do it. But who cares. Cause while I don't ever plan on doing the whole parenting thing myself, I do have to deal with the effects of crappy parenting. Terrifying effects. Going away to school has shown me that my entire generation is simply not ready to handle life. We've reached the age of 18 or in many cases 21 with the same mentality of a 15 year old. Sometimes it is as bad as 12. We are a generation who can't cope with failure, who have absolutely no drive, and who just can't plain old deal with life. We are a generation of self centered crybabies looking for a hand out, and it is terrifying.

I don't exclude myself from this. I reached 18 without knowing how to tie a tie, without a suit, I didn't know how to get an aparentment or what was involved. I didn't really have a good concept of how to balance money. I lacked so many real life skills that I had to learn quickly and effectivly if I didn't want to be stuck living at home. And guess what? I had to move home for a year anyway. So isn't that hilarious?

Kicking myself around aside we have 18 year olds who have so little sense that they gave themselves scurvy. People who drop dead because they injest energy drinks instead of sleeping, and people who just can't handle life in the outside world. Like angry kid.

Angry Kid is special. He is someone who would fly into fits of rage at the slightest provecation. No seriously, literal rage. It would be over something like we didn't want to play his fiddly overly complex game, or we had seen something he wanted to show us. Now we were all expected to take it easy on him because he is going through some shit. Really though, I was against that then and I am against that now. He is 18 years old, he is living away from his parents, and he needs to be in a mental institution. If you can't handle your shit you need to go somewhere where you can. Jesus.

It's everywhere though, from the people who were so traumatized by 9/11 that they couldn't even get up from their tvs. We are an unstable mess. Over parenting is an epidemic, under parenting is also an epidemic. It is something that crosses race, gender, income, and geography. It is a transcendent problem where all the sudden we don't know how to raise our kids, and we live in a society where we are not allowed to make mistakes.

That is the biggest thing, most of the legislation we have surrounding children is so compleatly ass stupid that I don't even know how we are supposed to comprehend it. Teachers all have their hands tied by rampaging parents.

Of course I write all of this with the full knowlage that there are men in this country who still believe it is their god given right to beat their wives, that pokemon is the devil, and that ignorance is the new power. So really there are so many other problems out there I guess I don't need to worry about parenting quite so much. Besides having an ocean of retards behind me will make me look extra smart!

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