Monday, December 14, 2009

[Dwarf Fortress] Where I play! Part 1

It is currently Late Spring in the second year what will soon to be the epic stories of HelmTell. Right now things are just starting to get interesting. Since you are new to the fortress let me give you a guided tour.

First we start off with the surface. I made the odd choice of putting the trade depot on the surface. This is mostly because the entire bloody map is flat, no matter though. I ordered a rough building to be constructed around the depot to ensure that it is inside and to protect it from invaders. I also stuck the barracks right next to the Depot so at least some part of my military will be there at all times.

Off from the hallway we see the start of the hallway of eternal doom. I hope to have it finished by spring of next year. The idea is to break up enemy archers by using the hallway and to be able to execute amazing flanking maneuvers. If all else fails I'll just fill the thing with traps and use my army as an awesome janitorial service :).

This fortress has an epic fuckton of iron in it, so I'll really be able to crank out some serious stuff a little later on.

Right now I am working on getting bed rooms situated, the butcher bin set up, and starting to set up glassmaking which is highly ineffective but oh so cool. The rest of the pictures are just there to give you an idea of the general fortress layout.

In the next post I will begin construction of the aboroalreum! There will be much excitment.

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