Saturday, December 12, 2009

Something else

Woo! Okay so I was going to write this blog entry about the whole over parenting, Time's take on it, my take on it, and the hidden problem of under parenting, but really? REALLY? I just don't feel like it. So instead I am just going to write about whatever comes to mind.

First of all! My mom gave me a 100 dollar gift card to B&N which is going to comic books and theory. Then I promised myself I get a $150 from my christmas bonus to spend on comic books and other things. So ultimatly I am going to have lots and lots of stuff to read. I'm going to get a lot of really weird stuff, preorder things that haven't come out yet, and promethia which is something I'm really excited about. I don't own enough stuff by Alan Moore and someday soon that will change. Also I am going to get more hellboy. Hellboy is such a retardedly awesome series.

Next I am eagerly awaiting for the next V:TES expansion to come out. Once I get the starters from that I'll have enough suitable decks together that I can get people to start playing it with me again. I really really like V:TES and I know that once everyone else gets the actual game mechanics down they will to. I just need to make sure that there are no Stealth Bleed decks, and that everyone has an idea of how to use their decks, then it will go much better. Its strange, it really is an amazingly complex game when you start taking everything into effect. Right now I have 3 solid decks, 2 amazing stealth bleed deck, 1 more deck that will be amazing when I buy another starter, and a project deck. So with the help of the next expansion we will be set. Then we will try that shit again.

Arcane Legions! Well that went awesomely well. I am going to try and get with James latter and when we meet with Tyson over the break we can play some more. Next time we are definatly using those victory point places. I think the game works much better with those. Also I am bringing a tape measure to make sure we have an appropratly sized table. Once we get a few games like that under our belts then we can start messing around with senarios. THAT is when the game is going to get really fun. I'm hoping that the Hobby Centeral place will get more stuff in soon. I want to get Egyptian boosters from there, and James really wants to finnish his army. However, if they drag their feet for to long then back to the internet I go. Oddly enough this is one of the few things that isn't just cheaper to buy online.

SLA! SLA Industries stuff is going well. Pretty soon we'll be able to play. Before we do I want to rewrite the stress rules a bit, and then we will use the one shots to balance them out. The stress system is a truely brilliant way of simulating how stressful of a world SLA industries is, and I really want to use it, without all the idiotic book keeping that the actual system imposes. I think I got it though. I also want to roll out someone who I think is the coolest god damned villian ever. I've come up with some pretty impressive people over the years, but cuntface? Oh yeah he is definatly going to be a winner, I can tell. I'm kinda amazed I didn't come up with it sooner.

This whole week has been nothing but irreparable disruptions. So hopefully next week I'll be able to get back to work on the things that matter to me. Like the post modern pornography project, and SLA. Okay well that's me signing off now.

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