Wednesday, December 2, 2009

End of the Month Review November!

Well November has most certainly come and gone. What an unusually active month it has been at that. I've had two different women express desire for me without me noticing, got my friends to love arcane legion, got a lot of serious thinking done, watched a lot of star trek the next generation, and wrote a novel. I like being able to type sentences like that and I endeavor to do so more in the future.

Blog wise I had both a light and a very heavy month. Light for this blog but Licking the Subconsious got 21 new entries to it, which is pretty impressive.

I've totally failed at doing this for October but that's alright it is now December no sense dwelling on the failures of the past! (kinda joking). Oh I've also had a rather serious emotional crisis. I almost forgot about that. Man. Once I identified there was a problem the symptoms immediately started to abate but its left me with no clue of the cause. It wasn't depression or even sadness. It was more like I ended up completely removed from the situation I found myself in. It felt like it was February and I was having all the concerns for then. I don't understand it. But I've been feeling more present recently so I'm guessing it is okay to relax. Can't know everything. Still it was so very strange though.

I'm still a little off though, but then again I am kinda fucked up in general so it is hard to gage these things.

Lets see anything else worthy of note...Thanksgiving was a crazy ass gaming fest that went from 7ish to 4am. I wouldn't of had it any other way.

Guess that's it.

Alright Blogwise month in review!

11 Blog entries!

Most of them were signifigantly shorter than average.

3 about gaming.
4 about Nano
1 about teh emotional crisis

Oh and one about Labor, the American work force and why our employers are dicks.

Huh well if you can spot the odd man out you get a gold star.

Anyway high point of the month is actually doing the novel. Man, of all the months to do something like this in this is one of the worst, and depspite all my bitching, moaning, complaining, and carrying on I did it. I was the only person around to give my self any sort of real encouragment or motivation. That's what really excites me.

Low point would be the whole "things are wrong in mah head" thing. It trouble me. Oh well that's it for the month in review. It's been a good month ladies and gentlemen.

Lets hope I can make the next month far more interesting.

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