Friday, December 25, 2009

DF Fortress Layout Final

Noble Bed rooms! I love noble bed rooms you get to fill them with all sorts crap. There is nothing really to say about this so much. Noble bed rooms work best when they are big and you just shove tons of crap in them.

This is how I layed out the bed rooms. Nothing really much to see. One importnat thing to note is that the center stairs are the ones that go through the rest of the fortress. Sound is a big problem, and is the cause of many negative thoughts for sleeping, and everyone sleeps. Even with one Z level between the workshops and the bedrooms it is still a problem. Annoyance! Oh The 2 leads down to the mining layers. This way I don't have all sorts of crazy amounts of traffic going through the bed rooms.

Man this is going to take some explaining. Okay first the width of the hallways. This is important because while dwarves can move through each other it screws with pathfinding and inevitably makes the game go slower. So it is much easyer to just have the dwarves go around each other. Hallways 4 wide greatly increases traffic flow through congested areas.

1)The butcher bin. Doors can be set so that pets can't get through them. So I build some cages, stick the animals inside the cages, then when I am ready I let the animals out of the cages. I let them run around, breed a bit maybe, or I just set them up for the slaughter. Either way the workshop directly below is the butchers workshop so it will be nice and convient for him. Also I really want to get a soap manufacturing cycle started so this will be a basic lynchpin of that operation. Fat comes from animals after all. The area below that is all dug out has obsidian in it. Obsidian is the only stone which can be made into weaponry, weaponry that is as powerful as steel, which is the second most powerful material in the game. NICE! I use them to outfit weapontraps.

2) The dining room. This is both near the kitchens, the brewery, and the food stockpile is right above it. This creates a nice smooth traffic flow through the eating process. It is also essential to have a really nice dining room. Seriously, it isn't hard, get that thing up to lengendary as fast as possible. Eating in the legendary dining room will give dwarves happy thoughts, and since every dwarf eats it is a quality way to ensure that every dwarf recieves happy thoughts on a regular basis. There are things called tantrum spirals where one dwarf flipping out causes other dwarves to flip out. It is much easyer to get negative thoughts than positive ones so get them when and where you can.

3) These are the stairs that connect direct to the trade depot. I dunno I like having a nice engraved entrance for my fortress. This area also has THE ANIMAL CAGE! The animal cage is important for three reasons. One it is a fantastic place to generate happy thoughts from. See pets are kinda good because they will generate happy thoughts within their owners. Animals in cages will generate happy thoughts in anyone who stops by the cage. You'll start seeing the thought, "Comforted by a wonderful animal in a cage" fairly often and you will love it. Two, it helps ease up on the whole path finding problem which does indeed kill your processor. Lastly the centeralized location means the animal can be scooped up and stuck in the cage before it adopts a dwarf and then becomes ineligable for cage dudy. That sucks. In other news displaying wealth is great, dwarves will stop and appreciate armor racks, states, doors, beds, and all sorts of other things. So having nice things in one area that everyone passes though is a good way to ensure good thought generation.

4) The Magma forges. When planning out magma forges I always try to make sure that I have more room than I need rather than less. This is mostly because expanding magma forges is an epic fucking pain in the ass and I hate doing it. The wiki does a good job explaining how to do this, and I really like this set up here. The centeral area is a large bar stockpile, the area to the right are the magma forges and the actual metal stockpile is located just above. Of everything this is prolly the most streamlined production chain in the entire fortress. It also has the added benefit of the haulers having wide open access to the actual workshops which is nice. It reduces the number of traffic jams.

5) Over here is the glass making section. This is the least streamlined part of the fortress, currently. This is due to a couple of things, one, the sand gathering point is way the fuck over on the other side of the fortress, and two just the nature of glass making. Oh well, I stuck it out over on the side, because it really is only going to be important for the aborrarareum and nothing else. It does its job moderatly well.

6)&7) I am not sure why I made two numbers for this. I doesn't need it. Huh. Anyway here are my main manufacturing wing. Ordinarly, there would be a couple of more crafts dwarf workshops here for me to make stone products out of but because of the retarded amount of iron on the map it isn't particularly necessary. Here are the mason, leather works, cloth works, mechanics, gem cutter, and everything else. The leather, gem, and cloth stock piles are all directly above the workshops, and there are stairs in the center leading up. The center is a large stone stockpile and over to the left there are stairs leading down. The reason for this is Dwarf pathfinding is more than a little retarded. When craft dwarf is looking to use a chunk of stone for werking on it will grab the nearest one. Good right? Well it when making this descision it will also take into account things like Z levels. So something 4 Z levels down would be counted as much closer than a stockpile that is 5 steps away. Of course exploritory mining isn't desighened to be easily walked through so a stone crafter will end up walking hundreds of steps out of the way for one piece of stone. That sucks. It is also what haulers are for. So I designated a nice large stone stockpile. It is quickly filled up by the inintal fortress and then the rest of it gets easily replaced as it is used by my army of haulers. So far it has worked wonderfully.

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