Saturday, December 19, 2009

VTES-The Next Generation

So the other night I got to play a game of VTES. It went really well and I had a lot of fun. Though not everyone was particularly into it. I'll have a talk with that person later though. All in all it was great fun.

I was using a Followers of Set deck. It has some stealth/bleed, prescense block avoidance stuff. I really liked the deck, and all in all I felt that it preformed excellently. I am thinking of taking Tempation out of the deck. I need to see it in action a little bit more though. The main benifit of temptation over corruption counters is that it is based on the blood left on the actual vampire not its cap. So it prevents players from draining them for varying purposes, and a little light combat will make them think twice about using it. All in all I am excited about the card I just got it at an inconvenient time, or rather I got all three of them at an inconvenient time.

My prey was using an Assemtite deck. I am actually kinda disappointed with how it preformed. My Assemtite deck is scary. SCARY!!!! I does fuck tons of aggravated damage, including Nizzam al-Latif. He is NEAT and he is only 9 cap and yeah good guy all in all. The assemite deck really needs some more 5 caps for support or something. I dunno he wasn't really into the game at all and so I wasn't able to judge my decks effectiveness. Boo my project is to make an Assemite/black hand contract sodomy deck. It could be amazing! I'll do it in a bit though. He kept tapping out to beat on his prey which left me open to relentlessly hammer on him. I ended up bleeding him for 7 in one turn thanks to dreamworld and him being tapped out. Oh well. I didn't oust him though more on that latter.

Next around the table was a Tzimisce wall deck. Or it was supposed to be a wall deck, it didn't do much walling though. To be fair the player using it is new to these sorts of games and VTES is like throwing him in head first so, that and his predator was on a relentless kamakazi run so he could play video games. So I dunno. Then when I was sitting next to him his defense was largly ineffective. Also he gimped himself, because he wouldn't throw away his hand full of master phase cards. So that needs to be played again.

Okay so off to the star of the game my Ventrue voting vote fuck off you voty bastard deck. Now I guarantee that the deck wouldn't of been able to do half the shit it did had its predator been doing his job. Then again, I think he would of just table talked his predator into staying RIGHT THERE because he knew I was coming for him. So not once but fucking twice TWICE! He stole my kill using Kine Rescources Contested twice. Bullshit! So I couldn't get my 6 pool which caused my predator to oust me twords the end of the game. He ended up winning solidly. He also nearly killed me using Neonate Breech. Fuck that deck. When it came around for him to be my prey I only had two pool left, and he had 7. I couldn't stop one of my predator's vampires, so it was an all or nothing full frontal assault. I got my first bleed through which was pretty massive bringing him down to 4, then I got another bleed off which brought him down to two, and my last bleed brought him down to one. One pool left. Then at the end of my turn I discarded hoping to draw something to either let me bounce the bleed or save myself. Instead I drew the one card I would of needed to win the game. Ah well so it goes.

Then there was the Torredor deck. That poor deck. It is designed to be a tool boxy bruise bleed deck. It would of worked much better had I given it some bleed cards, and moar sniper rifles. Also I need more camera phones. Camera phones are the thing that would make that deck sing like a mother fucker. After all Camera phone+flurry of action equals horribleness. It started out well by fameing up a vampire who was across the table from him. That vampire quickly got sent to torpor. What all of us didn't expect was how long that guy was willing to let that vampire sit in torpor. That one pool a turn really starts to add up, especially with pressure from my prey. In fact that vampire never did get out of torpor, instead someone else played fame and the original control declined to contest it. The whole thing felt designed to screw with me. Anyway after I was ousted the Torredor deck just couldn't put up enough pressure on the Ventrue. Then the Ventrue player used Consanguineous Boon freak drive and Consanguineous Boon again. That gave him a solid enough lead so that he could eventually chip away at the Torredor player.

Anyway so for the most part the game is a blast and I can't wait to play again. All of these decks were mine so I plan on tweeking most of them for better efficiency. Yeah I am a one man VTES play group go me go!

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