Sunday, December 20, 2009

God is an asshole

Through methods unknown I came across this web site. I showed it to my friends, we all had a good laugh about it. Much joy was had. Then everyone promptly forgot about it except for me. It stuck with me. Most people immediately identified with the atheists, crooning how they managed to rip off the moron christians. This is a tempting side to take and the one I had myself inintialy. Then I thought about it for awhile, and I realized that there is this deep down, fundamental belief amongst some christians that god is an asshole. I use that term advisedly to. He isn't all fire and brimstone with raw vengence flowing out of his three headed cock. No not like that. But you definatly get the idea that his great mysterious plan wouldn't quite be so mysterious if you just beleived in the fact that god is indeed an asshole. I mean look our pets don't go to heaven with us. Our unconverted loved ones go straight to hell, and all of this is because Adam and Eve ate an apple. No see look god is a dick.

I don't mean for this to come off as an anti christian rant. But it seems to me that the whole religion goes wildly in one direction or the other. It will either be all buddy christ Jesus be yo homeboy, to god will smite your ass for even uttering anything other than a fervant prayer. There is never really any middle ground. There is almost a thing where god really isn't all that fair, he isn't loving, and the pantheon of god, jesus and the holy ghost is weird. I don't really have to much more to say about this and I want a new desktop.

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