Saturday, December 5, 2009

Your pal the president

I am waaaaay to tired for 1000 Plateaus at the moment, also I saw something this morning that reminded me of something else I wanted to write a awhile ago. So linkage away!

My favorite part is where he says "At another point he said, "you know, our forefathers had it written in the original Constitution that ONLY property owners could vote, if that has stayed in there, things would be different........". Man I didn't think people like that still excisted anymore. Still the main thing to focus on is the fact that he went on an online tirade because the president cut off the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Because, I dunno maybe he hasn't seen it before or something.

Cheap shots aside, lets move on ever so slightly to something else. In an issue of Time magazine that I've lost. There was an article about how the Demolition derby circuit has been hit pretty hard by the cash for clunkers thing. One quote that stuck out clearly to me, the quote that orginally spawned this blog entry was, "Obama is an anti demolition derby guy"

Now back to the teh title!

People maintain a far to personal relationship with the president. I don't know when this has started. It prolly started in the 70's with Nixon which is where a lot of our current political attitudes have come from. I might expound on that later though. Really though, a lot of what drives people so crazy is the amount of personal investment that people seem to be putting into their politicians. So it leads to people believing that Obama is anti demolision derby or that Obama is anti...snoopy. I mean really REALLY why in gods name would Obama, as his muslim plot, interrupt snoopy? It doesn't make sense.

On the same note Obama isn't anti DD. Well okay I mean in an esoteric sense I guess he is, but he didn't make the cash for clunkers program to kill the DD. I mean come on now. I'm sure it wasn't even considered as a possible side effect.

The president, is not our best friend. He leads the country, and he isn't here to pander to everyone's needs and it is insane to assume that he should. It is this sort of thing that leads people to vote based on the president's food choice, hair cuts, and other things that have absolutly nothing to do with anything. I believe that our relentless mining of our elected leader's personal lives also stems from this. Insanely, our elected officials seem to be making this problem much worse rather than better. They appear on talk shows, the daily, show and other irrelevent shows to make themselves more appealing to people. In their sheer desperation for the atension of the american people they are forgetting that they are leaders of men. They should be winning people over with orator,y their statesman ship, and their ability to lead. There is no leadership in the vast majority of our government. These are just little people who are desperate to keep their jobs. It is rather pathetic and I am starting to getting deeply upset by it.

The sad thing is that our president, and the rest of the federal government are the only people who actually are leading the country, whereas state and local government are just... I don't even know what is going on with them. Some of them are trying desperately to save their states and cities but other elected officials are going on tirades on facebook because of the snoopy special, or running around claiming the obama islamic thing. *sigh* This is loosing focus. Oh well I should of researched it a bit more. This is actually not nearly as straight forward of a topic as I thought it is.

The point is that the relationship we maintain with our elected leaders is just about completely inappropriate. Yes we are supposed to be paying epic amounts of atension to them, but we are paying atension to the wrong things. As a result there is a generalized failure to lead correctly. This is one of those everyone is at fault cascade failures. It is also something worth worrying about. Imagine, if Glenn Beck had greater aspirations other than being a money grubbing sleaze bag.

All we need is one leader in the wrong place and then we could be in seriouse trouble. It is kinda scary typing something like that since I am so anti doom and gloom politics. But I see the irrational fear out there, fear that is so easy to lead, mold, and control. Oh well.

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