Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back Dashing with Sissiors

Man! I swear no wonder no one ever comments on blogs, you have to go through about 58 million screens to do so. Not happy about it. It was worth it though. In other news hello this is going to be a blog post. I don't really have a topic handy that will take up the whole time, I am also REALLY REALLY tired so it isn't like I can come up with anything more intelegent to say other than durrrrrrrrrrr, but that is okay. Some of my favorite blogs is when I wander where bloggers dare.

"Where Preachers dare" is one of my favorite lines from preacher.

My favorite lines from Doom Patrol however is far more extensive.

So the other day, Wensday to be exact I went to Barns and Noble and plowed through the magazine section. Feeling a little scatter brained I didn't really expect to get any concentrated reading done and I was in more of a browsing mood. And BROWSE I DID! Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the magazine. This distresses me because it was awesome. Awesome in the way trains wreck, or the way mushroom clouds look on the horizon, or bees attacking children yeah it is that sort of awesome. It is one of those increadbly conservative magazines that I have never seen on the stands before. The cover was very dramatic. Black, with a picture of the new york skyline in the crosshairs, and stark lettering declaring that a nuclear strike on US soil is imminent.

Oh brother. That paticular article was about how our borders aren't very secure and how easy it would be to slip in an improvised nuclear device through Mexico because Iran and Venezuela (it might be some other south american country) are buddy buddy. I don't even know. Oh well the article was fear mongering at its best. It even had an Obamacare "What you need to know" bullet list. The best thing I found in that magazine was an article about how women are more comfortable in the Kitchen. It is one of those things that is so incredibly misinformed that I don't even know where to go with it.

There is this thing that I've noticed a long time ago which I started to refer to as the "back to the kitchen" movement. I encountered it for the first time when I went to some bizzare church that my parents were going to. It was this informative video about how women who let men control all the finances and house hold choices were much happier with the reduction in responcibilites that they now have. They can just relax and let things happen to them. The article I read in this magazine was basicly the same thing. It was about how this woman who had decided that she was done working, and that it was time to be a stay at home mom. This is all fine, but then she went on to complain that she was getting bored! So her big decision was to start blogging about activities that she does with her son. She blames feminism and a bunch of other things and it was just sad.

The thing about the "back to the kitchen" movement is that it feels like amass exodus away from responcibility. That is what pisses me off about it. There is more to it than that. I might make a more detailed post about it later on. Right now I am tired and I need to go.


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ReneeIsaZombie said...

no i actually do have something to say:

i was just thinking about brave new world the other day and how "they" brainwash all the castes of morons to be extremely satisfied with being who they are, "I'm so glad I'm a beta, I'm much smarter than gammas and deltas, but I dont have all that nasty responsibility that alphas have"

"I"m so glad I'm a delta, I really like the color brown"