Saturday, May 8, 2010

Piracy Redux

Continuing on. The 3 letter acronym I was looking for was VPN which stands for virtual private network. Essentially you connect to the internet then you connect to the VPN. Your ISP will only see that you are connected to a VPN and nothing you are doing inside of it due tot he nature of the encrypted stream.

I came down hard on them in a recent post mostly due to my concerns involving child pornography. I'm not even sure why that is such a huge concern to me, I've never really considered child pornography as a thing when I did anything else before. Now all the sudden it is a big deal.

The act of deliberatly masking my internet based activites is something that still bothers me, but not in the same way that the support of child pornography does. However, I did read something about it which shined a pretty light on it. Basicly it is a way for people in countries with very restrictive internet policies to get around nationally made firewalls and I got to say I am all about that. That is something I can get behind both philosophically and financially. So there is that.

So all of that will happen tonight. Best of all if my ISP shits itself over it I can say that I need an encrypted data stream for work. It also helps against hackers. It is pretty handy all in all. Granted you will still be stangged by fishing schemes but that is all end user error right there.

Recently I've been on this crazy huge education kick. I am not sure what it is about but I generally approve. It is what triggered the whole need for a VPN network thingy in the first place. RIght now I have a 30 part lecture on Linguistics, and I am going to get the lectures on Number theory and philosphy of math. These are all really long lectures. Then I think I am going to grab some of the shorter ones that a floating around just so that I can fill in the gaps. I want to grab some general philisophy lectures because while my Greeks are pretty solid, and I am confident with some Kant, my Hegel, Hiedegger, and Hume are all very rusty. Also some of the vocabulary is slipping out of my head so I want to get all of that reviewed. There are also all sorts of cool hitory lectures and a bunch of ecconomic stuff which I plan on grabbing. I am not sure how much of this I will actually get through but I am starting to think that it will be quite a lot of it.

This is also something I am willing to distribute. At some point I will start advirtising what lectures I have and people can ask for them. In general I don't do things like this because burning a dvd shuts down my computer for quite a while. The encoding process is especially onerous and while I can get most of it done while I am at work, it still is kind of a pain. But this is worth it. Like I said I'll let people know what I got when I start getting up a decent collection.

Right now I am feeling an increadble burst of creativity and the desire for production so those things will start happening. Hopefully I will get some serious momentum going that will last up until I have a crippling bout of depression! It is weird what you can get used to. Anyway lunch is over, time to pack up and reapply my deorderant. I have come to the conclusion that all gel deoderant are peices of shit and I am going back to solids even if they do fuck up my cloths. Nope not going to start wearing undershirts either I think they are dumb.

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