Wednesday, May 5, 2010

[M&M] The City

Okay the City!

I want to keep the actual city vauge for now. I am thinking of putting it between Metropolis and Gotham, and Paragon City. Actually Paragon City is prolly the best inspiration I could possibly think of. So minus the war walls obviously.


Secret Alien Bases- The city was a major staging point for the Alien invasion as a result there are still hidden stockpiles of alien weaponry hidden all over the city. In addition the Aliens have the technology to fold space, so while something may appear to be a derilict building on the survace, in actuality it is an advanced Alien research center/holding faculty/weapons depot. Most of the alien influence has been hunted down and dismantled but there are still some hidden faculties which are used by the various gangs, corporations, or super scientists who are running about the city. Most of the faculties that are left require a special password to acess or some kind of unique biometric signature.

Cave/Tunnel System- Deep beneath the city is a layer of caves, which have been converted to a tunnel system. Orginally used witches back during the time of Cotton Mather, they were expanded during the 1920’s to aid in the local bootlegging effort. Since then the tunnels have held an illustrious history of being used in escape routs, ambushes, an underground railroad during the alien invasion, and even the source of disaster like in the case of Fallout. There are several acess points into the tunnel system from the street, in the better parts of town they are boarded up or well guarded. In the worst parts of town, they are also boarded up or well guarded. The tunnles themselves are a maze and whenever a villian carves off a bit for himself he will usually close off most of the acess to the surrounding area leaving only one well known way in or out.

Fallout: As mentioned earlier Fallout is a 5 block area on the north side of town that illustrates the dangers of tunnel fighting. No one really knows what happened that day. It could have been two rival villians getting into a spat, a lovers quarrle between two heroes, an alien incursion, or a lab acident. The point is that day something happened and some pretty titanic forces were unleashed and 5 blocks of the city collapsed into a wide pit, and the surrounding three blocks became condemned. The story doesn’t end there though. There were plenty of survivors from the buildings collapsing but some of them came back changed. The skin became sallow, yellowish, their eyes haunted. There are still people who live in the surrounding condemned buildings, mostly only the desperate and the crazy insane. Occationally the police try to clear the area out but with little success. Most people just wisely stay the fuck away from that area.

Mob Town: During the 1920’s the mafia set up shop in the City and while prohibition may have been repealed they never found any shortage of ways to break the law. Today thanks to alien tech, enhancing drugs, and experimental surgery the mob stands at the forefront of organized super villainy. They control a large area down by the docks, and a sort of easy truce has been reached between the police and the citizens of mob town. Very few people actually live in Mob town, for the most part it is warehouses, old or abandoned factories, a few swank night clubs, and a couple of piers. At the moment the mob is so far underground that it is hard to tell where mob town ends and just your general poor neighborhood begins. For the most part though, you need someone connected to organized crime? Then you will find him in mob town somewhere.

The Police: The police of the city have it rough. The tri state area has a squad of super powered operatives which can be called upon in times of great need but for the most part the police are just your average boys in blue trying to make it home at the end of the day. So yes they will still pull you over and write you a speeding ticket even though not 20 feet away there is a giant robot stomping on hippies. This is because the giant robot is bullet proof and some super hero will handle it eventually whereas you are necessary to make quota. In general they are good guys, they do their best to keep civilians out of fight zones and if there is a situation they feel they can handle they will do so. Otherwise they will find super heroes to deal with it. Like I said they are just guys, and people who shoot lasers out of their eyes are beyond their pay scale. This is why Mobtown gets the leeway it does they have just enough powered operatives to leave it in the hands of the powers.

Other Powers: Well there are the players. They are the newest kids on the block in terms of super heroed team ups. They are reasonably well established and blah blah blah who cares players are almost as big of assholes as dolphins. FUCK DOLPHINS. Other than the players there is one other major team who calls the city home but they spend most of their time in another dimension or lost in time. The city is the largest repository of alien tech on the planet other than South Africa so they spend a lot of time screwing around with that. There are anywhere from 7-10 loner type heroes running about the city at any given point in time but they mostly stick to individual neighborhoods or they spend their time chasing down street hoods instead of bashing city wide threats. SO in essence when the fit hits the shan it is the players who get the phone call. There is no one else. Other than the eleit police unit but even they aren’t reliable since they spend a lot of time in other cities. Now nationally there are large Avenger/X-men like groups who run all over the country dealing with things and they can be called upon should a situation turn dire but in game terms dire will mean something like TPK.

The Main City: Most of the people are friendly and receptive to super heros and they recognize that these are people who put their lives on the line when the police are unable/unwilling to do so. IE none of that deconstructionist crap that is so popular now and days.

Devil’s Den: Devil’s den is another area of the city where much like Mob town has fallen to crime. Unlike mob town though this was once a booming residencial district until a variety of things turned it into one of the poorest neighborhoods in the country. Now the streets are rife with drugs, prostitution, and violence. Many of these drugs give people temporary super powers and all of those drugs have terrible side effects leaving badly mutated gangs to fight wars over bombed out buildings and shitty street corrners. Insanely there are still people who live there, multigenerational families who do their best to make live in one of the only areas they can afford to. There are a couple of other slums sprinkled about the city but Devil’s Den is by far the worse. That place is like Detroit bad. Cops don’t go in there unless they got a death wish and good people clear the streets after dark. Currently there are 5 gangs that control different aspects o the den. I could go seven and theme them around the seven deadly sins and I might still do that. I haven’t decided though.

The town also features, a University with an advanced research center, several corporate headquaters including a few from Shangri La, and

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