Monday, May 17, 2010

Its a Bran New DAY

Hi! Hihihihihi. So I am going to take a break from the back to the kitchen movment for a bit. I decided today at lunch that it would simply be best if I went back to Barns and Noble and just typed up the source article. It is only one page, single facing, and it is something that is just SO perfect, I kind of want it for my wall. Especially the bit about rediscovering your sexuality that is just to hilarious. It will also give me a way to ground the whole argument. I really like this whole thing and where it is going. Impromptu project GO!

Also Apple has jumped the shark. Reading material:

And for irony's sake

So that's fun. It has been almost 12 hours since I've heard of all of this and I still can't say anything other than warblegarble. If I was more organized about blogging I would have a cute cat picture with a "what the fuck is this shit" caption. I even know where to get one right now. But I am not going to. I want to write this for awhile. So nyah. Actually I am not even sure where to go with this. It is just plain old wrong on so many levels. At the end of the day, it really is none of Apple's buisness what I do with my Ipad, and if I want to read the Kama Sutra it is my buisness not yours. Your ability to manage what I use my IPAD for ends immeadiatly after I buy it.

What really disturbs me about all of this isn't so much that they are just restricting hard core porn, or something like that. They are banning things that are PG-13 AT MOST which is just plain scary.

The most interesting counter argument to all of this that, in the 90s Nintendo pulled something similar. Though the result is that they have never manged to shake the stigma of being a kiddy game system. This combined with thier attitude towards third party game developers is largely what caused the N64 and the Game Cube to fail. Oh well.

More pressing is that the Ipad is looking to be the sort of thing that will replace physical media, and this is a thought that terrifies me. I know it is going to happen. Heck it will even happen in my life time. The part of me that is a technophile is pretty excited about this and I am looking fowards to the day when smaller publishers will hop on board, and I can finally get books I actually want to read instead of the population of the new york times best seller's list. Here is the thing though. You the reader, go get a book. Any book. If you don't own a book for some reason then go buy one. I reccomend Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. Now take this book and throw it against the wall. Now open it, it still works doesn't it? Now take whatever it is you are reading this blog on. If it is a desk top make sure you grab the tower and not the monitor, and throw that against the wall.

Okay your back, I hope you like your new computer. That is my point though. Computers are not built for long term storage. While I have held in my hands books that are over a hundred of years old, finding a computer from the early 80's that still works? Yeah not so easy. It gets worse, all thous things you backed up on 3.5 disks? THey degrade. CDs get scratched and there is actually a type of mold that will eat away at them, isn't that weird? Tape backup is reasonably secure but not really. The point is that stoage technology has not progressed to a point where doing away with hard copies is a good safe thing to do. On top of that since digital media is so easily destroyed companies have absolutely no responsibility to restore our lost data. For example this blog is stored on a server owned by google. Should the server go down and the back up server also goes down, then that's it. No more my blog. Thousands of entries not just mine but other people's will all be lost because of a power surge or a lightning strike or something like that.

Oh well lunch is over.

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