Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wow knees don't normally make that sound

Oh well nothing lasts forever. So yeah! Last night I was totally going to write this blog post. I had my turn signal on and I was in that lane about to hit up Books-A-Million, its wifi, and spend a large portion of my evening writing my thoughts down into this blog. It would be mostly focused around complaining about work. I try very VERY hard not to complain about work but good god damn. I in the past ten days I have had one day off, 7 of those days we were short, and four of those days I has stuck with an idiot. You know what though, I am clever and I have better things to write about, and it wasn't all bad. I got to watch one of my bosses hit the floor with a hammer. I know the reasoning behind why he was hitting the floor with a hammer but I know pretty much for a fact that all that reasoning happened for the plain and simple fact that he just wanted to hit the damn floor with a hammer. Who can blame him? I can but I won't because we wanted to hit the floor with a hammer too :(. So off we go, I have relaxed, decompressed, played some video games, and now I am back again full of both vim and vigor. I like both of these things.

Tonight I really need to get my malifaux figgures put together and undercoated the amount of time I spend looking at them and not doing it is kind of intense. I really want to play that game. I is neat on a level that I don't encounter very often and it is really taking off in my local area so I really want to get on it before the internet complainers get ahold of it and crush the game into nothingness. What I really like about it is that it includes enough diffrent mechanics that even vetren wargamers are unable to immeadiatly pick it up. To me this is a selling point. To the people who are used to warhammer 40k and just shoving spacemariens around the table like assholes? Well the game doesn't work for them.

I gotta say though the one thing I don't like about it is the I go, you go, mechanic. The way my tactical brain works is that most of my figgures all go at the same time. So like in hero clix I can pick up to 3-4 of my figgures and use them together, and I do some pretty amazing things. I also am a wiz at perpetrating bad ideas but that is neither here nor there. The I go, you go thing is part of the reason why my brain won't wrap around chess. It also won't wrap around chess for a number of other reasons but the I go you go thing is just not something that works out for me. Funny that. So I am looking foward to getting into Malifaux to help get over my whole brain deficency. Also my army consists of dead hookers. DEAD HOOKERS! You have any idea how exciting dead hookers are? *Hugs*

I might be to excited about dead hookers. I am so sad about that. That I live in a world where it is possible to be to excited about dead hookers. I suppose I should specify that they are zombie hookers and not just normal dead hookers. CCause normal dead hookers just aint cool. Once I get them assmbled, painted, and fleshed out a bit I can start on a second force. Then I can make the anime club folks play. I use the phrase make with love.

Now for bad news. I am dangerously concerned with the fact that I might not be able to swing mutants and masterminds because of schedualing. Part of the problem is that we don't have a place to play other than the university. While I am a fan of public gaming I don't think Mutants and Mastermind would work to well, I plan on being loud and people don't usually let you explain that you were shouting "hail hitler" because you were playing an evil dolphin. Yeah though so I get off work to late and they go to bed to early for us to play at the school and when I do have a friday off which is next friday I am doing something and it is going to be awesome. It isn't roleplaying though so we will be starting a full month past when I wanted to start playing. I have concerns. I am also specifically bad at figguring out this sort of stuff. Like getting people organized and on task is just something that I not good at. It is something that I can be pretend good at, but now that we are all running around the real world finding a place to play in pensacola that doesn't close at 10pm is really tuff. My place is to small and everyone else is still parent bound. If there was ever a time where I miss Brian it is now. Also I think he would really of enjoyed the game and I think he and joel would enjoy each other's prescense.

Group building aside, I am actually signifigantly upset by this. I am also having a hard time just getting everyone together to discuss things. So I got to actually do this tomarrow. This is a weird blog post but there have been times where I have spent more time strangling people to so I can make sure that at least their bodies are prescent at the game than actually playing the game. So I am at this weird impass. I should be stating out mooks, sub villians, and whipping up some mounted combat rules so I can fuck with corey. Fuck with him hard. Rawr but at the same time? There are other things I would rather be writing like projects, other role playing games, my own roleplaying games. Ultimalty I don't want to do a bunch of grunt work with no pay off. I guess I'll figure it out for the most part. I hope, otherwise there will be sadness afoot because I am still really excited.

Oh well. I am thinking that this blog post is finnished, air vol 3 is out, scalped vol 6 is somewhere Torpedo is around somewhere, and I am thinking that not buying Jonah Hex has been a grave error on my part.

Also hungry.

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