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[MandM] Devil's Den

15 years is a good place to have an alien invasion, cause that will work with some of the other ideas I have. Also Mob Town is on an island seperated off from the city a little bit, three miles in fact. Since the island itself is a major international shipping hub there are plenty of routs both on and off the island.

How does the tunnel system and a coastal town work? Fluid Dynamics. Don't look to much into it cave battles are exciting and you guys didn't buy a way to travel internationally. So deal. If it makes you feel better the majority of the cave system happens on the other side of town which is where Devil's den, the FAR side of town and the city itself is well above sea level. Fuck yeah wind swept cliffs. Okay this topic no longer interests me.

Devil's Den. Man I wish I thought of another name for this place. To late now though cause we are kinda stuck with it. Devil's Den is huge. How huge? Huge enough to fit 5 gangs comfortably. It is cool the poor people always make up the majority of the city. I don't really care. It is less of a burrow and more of a cressent that forms the outskirts of the city. I should consider suburbia...done considering suburbia. It doesn't excist just like in comics. You'll end up there someday.

Some General Notes on Devil's Den: Devil's Den has always been a shit hole, and it has always been under the control of a variety of gangs for as long as anwayone can remember. The mafia control the island and they distribute drugs and guns into Devil's Den. Now recently enhancement drugs have been making it into the den making the average ganger into something more than human and thus more than most average cops are willing to handle.

Okay the gangs of Devil's Den

Suburban Knights- They call themselves something diffrent, but no one really cares. The Suburban Knights aren't really a proper gang but rather a group of concerned citizens who have banded together to deal with the growing threats that is a result of the rampant crime threatening the city. They believe that by taking and controlling territitory within the Devil's Den that they can keep the streets safe. The problem? Well they are all about lethal tactics, highly lethal. They also don't feel to bad about collateral damage.

The gang itself mostly consists of veterans from the alien wars. In truth most of them don't really care very much about stopping crime or keeping the city safe. They mostly just like to fight. Most of the territory they hold is centered around alien strongholds which provide them tactical positions that allow them to strike quickly and retreat back to their strange suburban homes. Their uniform is a suit with a plain black ski mask which makes them extremely visible in the wilds of Devil's Den and at the same time they can blend into the scenery anywhere else in the city.

Suburban Knight territory is run with an iron first. People live in constant fear of doing something that might set off one of the Suburban Knight "guards". The majority of them a fairly unstable and as a few of them start to get older they being to exparament with body modification increasing their, speed, strength, and toughness. On averager all the member of the Knights are well triained, if a little bit unbalanced. For the most part the people who live in the Devils Den celebrate when heros or the cops chase the Knights out of an area.

They don't have one set area where they can always be found, they tend to move around a lot showing up where they think they are needed the most.

Furies- Ever see the Warriors and you wondered what was up with the guys that had the green face paint and baseball bats? Well the guy who started the furies decided to find out for himself. No one really knows how it started. Some people think it was just a bunch of scared kids who were banding together for protection. Other people think it was a mentally unbalanced guy who decided to reinact the lives of the supporting charecters from The Warriors. The start of the story isn't known. What is also unknown is how he got people to join his gang, or even where they found all their baseball uniforms.

They are around now. And they are here to stay. They do use guns albeit rarely as they prefer to use their bats and baseballs to handle their gangland disputes. As a result they tend to be a bit more heavily modified than the average gang. Just about all of them have a couple of ranks of impervious and some form of super movement which allow them to strike quickly and viciously.

Their centeral area of control is a large park which contains a baseball field and batting cages. They make most of their money with drugs, petty theft, protection, though much like the Suburban Knights they seem more focused on fighting than anything else.

The Buttons- In the mid 90's the state ran out of funding for all the state run mental institutions and as a result the streets became flooded with people who would be much better off locked up. Now most of these people would of quietly self destructed off in peaceful annominitiy. What happened instead is that one doctor turned inmate organized them, fed them drugs, and turned them into a force to be reconded with. One of the smaller gangs Buttons turn whatever area they are in control of into a toilet. Operating with a scorched earth mentality they will take an area, own it, and reign death and terror down on everyone who tries to live there. They make the majoity of their money on human trafficking, turning the people within their territory into slaves, some of which are sold off overseas for huge amounts of money.

The members of the gang look... distinctive. As distinctive as possible in fact. Also as a result of the doctor having some advanced chemical knowlage he is able to make cheap bathtub versions of many of the advanced drugs that are on the streets. Of course these drugs have worse side effects that usual but you'd be hard pressed to find some one in the gang who cares. Many of the Buttons sport horrible mutations or disfigurments and they will often inflict these disfigurments on their victems.

While they have many sources of income one thing they are paticularly known for is their customized porno business. The less said about it the better. Unless you want me to talk about it, then I will say the things to you that are constantly running through my head that I don't normally talk about. When that happens I'll be able to visit Andrew at work. I would SO make his life hell. So lets not.

Death Dealers- It is amazing how easy it is to get people to join a crazy voodoo death cult. This is especially true when you offer hallucingntic drugs that never quite leave you the same once you try them. The gang uses a wide mismash of religions combining satanism, voodoo, and scraps of other things that someone read half a book on. Primarily they deal in specialized hallucinogenic drugs, protitution, magical items and specialized magic services, you know curses and shit. Of course if those magic services don't work out then they will just go and break your target's legs. If nothing they are egalitarian in their methodology.

In general these guys look like they are rejects from the insane clown posse. In truth there are quite a few of them who are rejects from the ICP/Slipknot crowd. Unlike many of the other gangs who use drugs, or sugrical means to enhance their abilities these kids use a variety of magical rituals and deals with unsavory creatures to gain power. Some of the gang members actually get to be quite powerful but since they take dangerous short cuts in their rituals their power usually comes at a terrible price. This gang also employs a few very weak low influence vampires. It is unknown if these are traditional vampires or something made through magic and drugs but it is something that happens.

The Rat Bastards- The Rat Bastards are all those people who you would normally expect to find in a gang. It is a brave new world out there. And all the sudden the hood is filled with people wearing green face paint swinging baseball bats, to guys covered in skulls throwing bolts of magic and summoning demons. And no one want's to talk about what goes on in Fallout. So the old gangs ended up putting aside their diffrences and banding together out of sheer nessesity more than anything else. They tried to call themselves something diffrent, something scary, but the Rat Bastards is what ended up sticking. They are by far the least interesting gang and they know it. So picture a bunch of kids who used to be the terror of the streets who are now just a hodge podge of people lumped together because now subruban knights are the ones doing the drive by shootings. Yeah massive inferiority complex. As a result the Rat Basterds will do just about anything, there is no job they won't take, no drug they won't try, and no one they won't fuck with in order to try and get to be back on top. As a result The Rat Bastards often times provide fodder for both mad scientits and super scientists. What's the diffrence? Yeah I am not sure either. I guess maybe the chance of ending up with nipples for eyes, for SCIENCE!

As a result they will often end up as villian errand boys, if you need several body parts from a variety of animals these are the people who are willing to do it. Most villians have henchmen for this sort of thing, but sometimes it is good to outsource. Also if a villian needs someone who is willing to put on an absolutely idiotic costume, they will usually take at least one stop over by the nearest Rat Bastard hideout. They are a bunch of crazies who are willing to try anything.

The Fly By Nighters: The big 5 are by no means the only game in town. Don't delude yourself. But they are the biggest most immeaidaly reconizable gangs that have their fingers in the most pies. They control large amounts of territory and while the average ganger won't be to much of a threat, the luitentents and other higher ups can end up being quite powerful. The fly by nighters is a catch all term that is used for the smaller gangs, even if the smaller gang in question has been operating for years. In general these gangs are either to small, to under equiped, or to specialized to make any sort of dent in any of the big 5 territories. Some of the fly by nighters are allied with the larger gangs and some of the more dangerous jobs will be shuffled off on to the smaller groups/. Others are well established gangs in other cities that are trying to break into the city. Whatever the case may be I am free to throw whatever I feel like at you gang wise. The above are the 5 that will happen the most often though because one is hilariouse, one is scary, one is magic, one can hurt you, and one explains where all those assholes who wear costumes come from. Okay questions? Ask them in face book.

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