Sunday, May 16, 2010


This is the thought that immeadiatly springs into my head when I see I have a new follower. Then I realize that this is something I am supposed to encourage in people. 9 times out of 10 I manage to actually not yell out loud which is pretty exciting. That is a whole 10% decrease in randomised blog yelling.

Anyway hello there and welcome. So! Yesterday I was really tired and in my semi exhausted ramblings I dropped the bomb of the back to work movement. I really wish I hadn't done that because it is actually a really complicated web of thoughts and it requires some very tricky navigational skills. It is also something that isn't best talked about in blog format because people tend to not be very generous when they read the thoughts of others. It is kinda like how you can tell when people are already formulating a responce when you aren't even half way through your argument? Well that happens on line too. HOWEVER! I will bravely forge ahead because the only other thought I really have rattling around in my head is game mastering theory and today isn't a day for that. It is raining.

However, keep in mind that I am compleatly free to reverse, give up on, or edit this possition as much as I want. I am just trying it out.

Okay 25 minuts until lunch is over, lets rock this thing! So the back to the kitchen movement. Calling it a movement is a misnomer, so right off the bat we have gotten off to a great start. It isn't a movement so much as it is a subtext that I have found prevading throughout a larger argument. Ergo this has made it increadbly hard to pin it down. Now if I were better prepared to type this up I would have links to several articles that would display this subtext and a few articles that have the same setiment without the subtext. But you know what? I am capable of a lot of things. Amazing things. But plowing through conservative webpages for hours on end reading anti feminist rants is something I can only do for so long. However, the reason this subtext is not very well known is because it is something that only happens in extreamly conservative circles. For example the video I reffrenced in the last post was something that was being screened before the church services. The title of the video was how to manage your finaces the christian way (let the man do it riiiiiight). The other article I reffrenced was in that terrible conservative magazine.

See gender, and the associated issues with it are hot button topics. It isn't something you just sort of sling around, unless you are me and you are resonably confident that no one actually reads this other than evan and Tyson. Hi you two crazy kids. So when you find these sorts of articles, along with the back to the kitchen subtext it will only be in environments where there is near absolute confidence in the nature of the audience. It is why I encourage people to listen to Rush Limbaugh and read these crazy magazines. IT IS IMPORTANT to know what they are saying and to gain insight into the conservative thought process.

This will more than likely be continued tomarrow I am just throwing that out there right now. Now no one comes right out and says, "Geewiz I am so much happier now that I have dropped a bunch of responcibilities out of my life and gone back to being a housewife". No instead it is always framed within the idea of anti feminist backlash. They blame feminism for the extra stress, their crappy sex lives (I shit you not), and the erosion of family values. The thing is though is that the way these arguments are formed speak volumes about the audience. Their essential thesis is, "I should be allowed to stay at home and raise my kids without feeling guilty". This is what is so tricky about the movement. The thesis is half correct. I say half because these articles are invariably written by women. However, a stay at home dad is just as valid and as a card carrying member of the patriarchy I assert we could run a household ten times better :P. What is problematic is the nature of the the choice.

Lets look. Essentialy first and formost the choice precludes marriage. It also precludes a middle to upper middle class lifestyle.

It is also time for my lunch to be over. Tonight I might dig up some examples of what I am talking about. I might also spend some time learning about Dark Matter. It really depends on what I feel like. However, it would be nice to lay out some nice broad brush strokes then have two or three articles where I could pull specific examples from. I also have ideas of where this additude comes from, how we can fight it, and mostly how to adress it. I am actually pretty excited about this and hopefully I won't ADD out of it.


ReneeIsaZombie said...

the hilarious thing about your blog is that in my head, its your voice reading it... but much much faster.

bwa ha ha!

thekolo said...

You know now I want to write a variety of strange things just so that I will get to imagine you imagining my voice in your head saying the strange things I want to say very very quickly.