Monday, May 17, 2010

For Women, Home Should Represent True Fulfillment

Mother's Day is a source of stress for many women who are sole providers and can't be hands-on moms or who feel intimidated by a culture that doesn't value hands-on moms. The feminist movement has attempted to deconstruct the family under the guise that gender isn't significant for women, child rearing, and the quality of their marriages. As a result women feel guilty for yearing to raise thier own children. Women's and parenting magazines declare that the most important thing a woman can do is make herself happy (through work), or maintain power (her own bank account), and of course to make sure that one of the representatives of the evil empire (a man/husband) does not oppress her.

Guess what? Women these days are less happy (missing the joys of developing and loving children) and more frenzied (trying to do and be everything).

Still, many moms tell me they get bored at home. Here's a letter I received from one such woman and how she reslved her malaise.

Hello Dr. Laura,

A year ago, my mother gave me In Praise of Stay-At-Home-Moms for Mother's Day. I shared a lot of what I read with my husband. By the end of the book, there was no doubt that my place was at home with our son.

We figured out a budget and I put in my two-week's notice. It's the best thing I have ever done. I get to be my son's mom and my husband's girlfriend.

At, first my son and I would go on play dates and picnics and have so much fun. Recently, however, I've been feeling bored.

One night I was watching the movie Julie & Julia, and it clicked. I could find new things to do with my son and blog about it. Even if no one reads it now, my son can read it when he's older. I started making a list of all the things we could do. Of course, since we are a single-income family, I have to keep it cheap. The next day I started my blog.

A month later, I have 18 followers. I never considered myself a writer, but people are reading it and leaving lovely comments.

Thank you so much for everything you do, Dr. Laura.

I tell women that at home they truly have time to grow spiritually, intellectually, and physically. They also lose much of their feminist-trained hostility towards their husbands and gain back the blassing of thier sexuality.

Once I'm done with these women, they develop a deeper appreciation for how they are singularly responsible for the attitude and atmosphere of their home.

Bt. Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Newsmax (the most hilarious magazine ever)
May 2010.

No seriously if you are around a copy of this magazine PICK IT UP. There is an article about how the vatican is possessed by the devil.

If Renee reads this she will do it in my voice. Inside her head I will be saything these things. This makes me feel intolerably dirty.

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