Monday, October 19, 2009

15 Minuts to Launch

I have 15 minuts left of lunch and I am unsure of what to write about. Something I'm sure. Of course I am having a hard time deciding what I feel like doing tonight. I am going to go writting, that is a specific given. I am not sure what I am going to write about though. I need to do a couple of chunks of Sasha's letter so I'll do a bit of that. Then I am thinking I might work on a chunk of fiction written. I need to do that more. Not just for getting ready for next month, but just in know forever. It uses a diffrent part of my brain that doesn't ordinarly get used. It helps me think better essentially. I've been doing more reading which is good, and plenty of analytical thinking, more of which needs to make it here I'm thinking. More of it which just needs to make it to paper. I write very slowly though, and lots of this is for just pure old enjoyment so I am not sure where things are going to fall from there.

Mostly though I need more organization when I am doing big projects. I need to take big projects and start working with them in managable chunks do more outlines and such. That's the big issue. I can't work on something. Either pick it up, finnish it in one go or I put it down and never pick it up again. That's gotta change just because it does. As a result I think I am going to go back to the OC/Politics thing, start getting down into the grit of it. I'm glad I sat on it for so long. It had its roots set in some unpleasentness and I was using that to work through it. Now that I've worked through it and gotten over the unpleasentness I can set all of that aside and begin fresh. For example the OC has become infinitely more important than the politics. But I really need to define where the politics begin and where the church ends. Also I need to make sure that polygamous relationships are included within politics. They are important to me.

Well my 15 minuts are up.

Sometimes I wonder. Will they tell stories of me after I'm gone?

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