Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's now 3:30am

I'm not sleepy which is strange because I should be about now. I'm not though. Ah well. So recently I've been feeling really creative. Not in the writting sense of the word but in the building shit with my hands sense.

Currently it is manifested itself in two ways. One I am not going to talk about because I don't feel like it. The other is I really want some ties. Ties are neat, and they make me look sharp. The problem is that my ties are normally mono colored, and they don't really reflect me. I mean sure sure I wear a red shirt, black tie, and look fabulous but it doesn't really capture me really all that well. So I've turned to custom ties. I found a place on the interwebs that will make me a custom tie for 30 bucks. All things considered that isn't so bad. I mean I only really need two or so. So right now I am kicking around designs seeing what will work and what won't. I really want a tie that features the katana wielding nun from hellsing ultimate. It looks like this:

I think my desires might be impossible though considering how long and skinny the tie is and how square that image is. I was going to mess around with it in photoshop tomarrow and see if I can get it to where it will fit in the tie template without looking like total ass. Somehow I don't think it is going to happen but it will certainly become the focus of my atension and there will be much creative swearing going on.

Or just me shouting fuck a lot who knows.

I definatly know that I am going to get something from visitor Q. There is a black screen with white kanji that asks, "Have you ever been hit on the head with a rock"? Fucking priceless. Since the way they write is handily vertical that is totally going on a tie. It is one of my favorite moments in one of my favorite movies. I also think it will look really snazzy.

There are some other things I am kicking around but those are the two things I would gladly pay a lump sum of money for to have on a tie. Especially the visitor Q thing, that is totally going to happen and I am really excited about it.

Taking a screen shot from a dvd on your pc used to be bitchy though. I figgured it out once though which means I can figgure it out again. It will just take time. I could do the calligraphy myself but that involves a scanner, and that just is a huge pain in the ass. Speaking of caliigraphy I think it is high time I started doing chinese caligraphy again. This means 2-3 things.

1) I need a table. Well I've needed a table for awhile now. I am a big man, I take up big spaces. So I need a mofoing table.

2) Time. This can be made. By video games. For now at least.

3)...nope looks like it was just two things. OH BOTTLED INK! Cause while I appreciate the meditative uses that grinding my own has, it sucks.

I stopped doing it primarily because I was doing the kanji wrong. See there is a specific order in which you make the strokes. I didn't know this when I started. I just messed around with the brushes and was drawing some kanji I got from a english to chinese translation page. When I tried to go back and relearn it the right way I found that my brain was stuck and that it really didn't want to. Stupid brain. So I had to shelve it. I figgured I'd pull it out later when I had forgotten everything I had learned and start again.

Number three now needs some explanation cause I just added something.

See I am not really much of a traditionalist I generaly and genuinly have no problems ignoring traditions when I think they are restrictive or silly. I think it comes from being left handed. I've had a life time of watching people do something one way, and then being told that their way won't work for me and I just need to figgure out my own path. That is how I roll and I am pretty good at it. Chinese caligraphy is diffrent though. The kanji is formed in such a way so that the whole thing fits together better. THe ink traditionaly comes in sticks, and you put some water on a grinding stone and you slowly and paciently grind out some ink. It is supposed to give you time to think of what you are going to be saying and to give you a chance to reflect on the task ahead. Believe it or not it works amazingly well. Still when I am just trying to do some practise strokes to get a few kanji into my muscle memory it is not helpful. AND so I need some bottled ink. I wish I thought of that while I was at hobby lobby today.

Man I had the strangest time trying to buy an exacto knife. You would think that is something target would have? I mean everyone needs an exacto knife they are amazing. Apparently not though. Oh well. Alrighty now it is 4 and I should at least lie down and make a show of being asleep. Hopefully I can lull my body into a false sense of sleepyness. Stupid body.

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