Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fishsticks and Doves

My brain is slowly shutting down due to lack of sleep and now lack of food because I forgot to get lunch. The food thing I can fix but the sleep thing will require time. It sucked 3am rolled around and I was still wired, so I watched a round table religious discussion. It was fucking bad ass and there will be more on it later. At that point it became 4am and I was still wired. I tried just going to bed anyway. The sun was well on its way up before my brain finally released its stranglehold on consiouseness and let me sleep. It is a bossy little organ that brain is.

So any attempt to be coherent is going to fail. I am also going to write fiction tonight because it is important to establish with mr. brain/body combination that I am tired is no fucking excuse. That and I wanna.

So the round table discussion! HERE WATCH IT It is a good solid hour long with very little filler or breaks within the action. It also brings me back to something I was saying earlyer this year. In the discussion the Atheist and the Islamic guy both sort of charged around the discussion and they just plain old ran over anyone who got in their way. The atheist did it by keeping the conversation as grounded as possible and refusing to give ground on core physical problems that religion does a poor job in dealing with, and the islamic guy flattened people by coming at every question from a diffrent angle than expected and demolishing everyone around him with raw intelegence backed up by eloquence. By the end of the discussion the catholic guy was more or less cowering in his chair now really saying anything, and the other christians were struggling to maintain any sort of ground. It saddens me because religion and intelegence do not have to be mutually exclusive. The Islamic guy prooved that beyond a doubt. Christianitiy just really needs to get on the ball and start understanding the bible instead of throwing it around.

Its funny because the islamic guy called out many followers of islam for failing to do that. Lastly the show is australian so just about everyone had a neat accent.

Okay new topic! So last night I finished up Feverhead. What a wonderful little book! It is only a hundred pages, it is rip roaring fun, and you all should read if you have the chance.

Segueing from that into something else I wanna talk about. I realized last night I've started having a hard time transitioning from one activity to another. Last night it was horrible. Granted last night was really weird so I don't know if that counts. Anyway yeah, inbetween every activity I did there was 15 minuts to a half an hour where I just did nothing. I don't know what it is. It isn't like I didn't get anything done yesterday or stuff like that. To the contrary, I read a good 50 pages of Feverhead, got to lvl 25 in dungeon fighters, watched red cliff, picked up a little bit around the house, showered, downloaded a few things I needed... it is just that inbetween every thing I did, there was just this plain old void of shit where I kinda sat there and just stared into space.

Sooooo... I dunno. It is distressing though and now that I have identified it as a problem I am going to relentlessly hunt it down and obliterate it from my life forever. By forever I mean temporarly. What will actually happen is that I will fix the problem then little by little I will slip back into my old habit until I decide that it is a problem again and fix it. Oh well that's fine with me really.

In other news I kinda want the Captin America Omnibus. I can get it off of amazon for like 40 bucks, and that is a pretty good deal for an 800 page oversized comic book that I can kill people with. It is also close to 50% off which is also pretty snazzy. I dunno though there is also the Jason Arron Ghost Rider run and Alan Moore is flooding the world with expensive books again. So it is a tough choice. You know what is sad though? Hellboy just consistenly doesn't make the list. The thing is I love hellboy. I love it to death. It has occult awesomeness, nazis, and a genuinely creative cast of characters which are just plain neat. However, at the end of the day they are just to god damned expensive, and they provide just to little comic. I mean hellboy is already high on action, low on dense phoilosphical writting or beautiful prose. He does not wax poetic, nor does he muck about in a pile of whys and wherefores. No it all just happens. Maybe this changes with some of the latter arcs but damn. Some of the earlyer ones just simply don't have enough content o be any sort of value, especially when comapared to other similarly priced books. This is something I always find sad.

Oh well okay I am going to scamper.

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