Saturday, October 3, 2009

September In Review

This is something new I want to start doing. At the end of the month I kinda want to review the previouse month just to see any trends in my writting and stuff like that. I dunno it seems fun and I am in the mood to do it so here it goes.

Last month I published 10 blogs.

Which adds up to just a little over 12 pages of text. I know this cause I copied it into microsoft word out of curiosity!

The vast majority were about politcs.

It was a relativly light month idea/concept wise. I think mostly because I was pretty intently reading.

High point of the month was the health care trilogy

Low point of the month? Eh I dunno all the other posts were pretty average so I guess the rest of the month really. Fuck the average.

I'm going to do August here too because why not.

10 blog entires!

the majority were devoted to politics

3 devoted to theory, and two to my theory

14 pages of text Nice!

High point, expounding on my theory a little bit.

Low Point, the whole migrain doctor thing. Man that sucked.

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