Sunday, October 25, 2009

And We are Finally Back Up and Running

So in the last two days I have slept close to 24 hours. Now I am officially back in black and ready to go. Man hibernation is kinda crazy.

Anyway I really want to do the post modern porn thing. But I am going to spend longer than a week doing it, and since I write so slowly I am really going to be stuggling with NANO soooo that is just going to have to get held off for at least a month which is sad *cries* but that's okay. It will give me time to start gathering materials up and such. I'm realizing now that I am going to need Lacan for some of this. Lanan is one of those people who I keep coming back to again and again even though I don't want to. See I love Bauldillard, he is my buddy. Yet, most of my stuff involved either Kant, Lacan, or terrible combonations of the two which have caused me quite a bit of sanity loss. However, Lacan says all these badass things about metaphores, and I am going to be tackling a genra of entertainment where a woman sticking an octopus into her vagina is a form of entertainment. There is something there. I guess I could also do something with the animal phase as normative but if I did I think I'll end up condeming certain sexual practices and that isn't the point of the post modern pornography project. Wow what amazing alliteration and I can abriviate it to PMPP which is exciting.

I think I am going to try to motivate Sasha into writing one of two things for it. Hey Sasha! DO IT! I'd ask evan but I don't know about his porn consumption habits. I also don't know about how he feels about post modernism. But if your interested evan you are welcome to join us. I think if I write two ten page things and Sasha writes two 5-8ish page things we will end up anywhere from 30-40+ pages which we could put in a nice cuuuuuute little book that we can pull out at certain times to look at then cuddle. Optimally we would also write at least one essay together. Cause that would be fun, distance and lack to time could be a issues but nothing that can't be overcome with a lil effort. So that should totally happen. I'll do some of the organization work in the middle of November.

So until then? I dunno. I really want to work on some vampire decks because they make me happy but that requires monies. I dun't wanna spend it though. I DO wanna get the last two big boxed expansions for Arkham. I still dun't wanna spend teh monies. So I guess I need to write some more fictions.

I've been really bad about that and I am not entirely certain why. Part of it was my compy breaking, and teh sickness. That did take up an entire week which is pretty sad.

Oh another thing I want to get better at is reviews. I am not talking about normal this product gets a 9.5 review but rather thouse sorts of reviews where they will talk about the product then they will go off on tangents related to the projects for a couple of pages then they will come back to the product...why I am saying product it is always either a book or a movie... anyway they come back to the book at the end.

I tried doing that with both Ultimatum and Irredeemable but it didn't go so well. I kinda wanna try it again, I'm thinking with Ultimatum but I am not so sure. I might do that tonight also, depending on how the fiction thing goes.

Oh yeah dungeon fighters keeps crashing my computer and that makes me ultra sad. *Cries* I miss playing it.

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