Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Licking Puss from Nugle's Lips

Yeah that's what Nurgle looks like. In the warhammer universes he is the god of disease and he used to be my hero before I switched over to Slannesh.

Suffice to say I r sick. Not SICK sick. I mean I am not dying or anything, but I am definatly sick enough to get seriously slowed down. It caused me to cancel my writing fesitivies tonight and I am unable to read. I am really annoyed.

In good news my computer seems to be alright. For those of you who didn't know my computer started to freeze at boot splash screen. I couldn't access the boot menu, restore menu, or the bios menu. Well after doing all sorts of stuff including removing the CMOS batter I finally got it to boot back up again. Then I ran two diffrent virus scans, backed up some essential files, and just ran an extensive test of my ram. All systems are apparently go. It did have a pretty hard crash right when it happened so I guess that had something to do with it. I'll keep telling myself that and maybe I'll someday believe it. So anyway I am starting to get behind on things and now I am sick which is PISSING ME OFF. So I need to sit still for a bit while my immune system goes and commits genocide. Before that though I am busting out a to do list so when I get back in gear I will be ready to go straight off.

1) Reply to Sasha. Yeah what the fuck. She hasn't touched he blog for months on end and all the sudden she tosses out 80 posts in 3 days. I want to write some direct replies to her stuff because some of her stuff warrents it and it is fun. Also I want to do some spin off posts of her stuff.

2) Catch up with Serial Shorts. I might do that tonight, but I really want to lie down.

3) Write some mother fucking fiction. This shouldn't be hard. Girl and the Jester meet the King of Pain (fake one not the real one) GO!

4) Girl and the Jester have a picnic with Death and the Devil there that is two scenes + a whole outline and more of Ben's story. Don't be an asshole.

5) All sorts of news articles I want to post and comment on. One is a christian church burning a whole bunch of bibles, and the other is a retirement community trying to evict a 6 year old girl. Yeah this is shit you can't miss.

6) Do peliminary reading for post modern fetish project. I need at the very least chapter 1 of precession of the simulacrum and 1000 Platueas, also prolly the masochism book will come in handy. Good thing I didn't throw my copy away...even though it is its own ecosystem at the moment

7)Oh advice for evan as to how to generate traffic.


9) Finnish up project X. I have no idea what the mental holdup with that is but jesus this one shouldn't be hard. I want it in the mail by the 31st.

and okay my strength is starting to give out and I am extra not feeling good so I am going to go play dynasty warriors or something.

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