Friday, October 30, 2009

This Will Start as an angry rant.

No this will start as a furious rant. This will start as a venom spitting spite ridden, spririt of pure rage, I might need a new keyboard for baby laptop rant. Then. Then I will take a month off. I WILL write a novel. Then I am going to write two essays on pornography and post modernism. I will possibly write a third one with sasha. I hope so because the third one will be a magnificent thing a beauty. Then I will come back to this. Mark my words I will return. I will be armed with post modernism, masculinity, human cruelty, intelegence, wit, rage, and a pathological need to thunder about angerly. I will do this. I will do it calmly. Collectivly and intelegently. You may not recognize they essays inspiration because I will use my foundation of anger to lay a foundation and an industrial complex that will produce massive idea which will destroy all that stands before it. I want to wear a vest, paint my nail, and I will look absolutly fabulous as I sit here in books a million plinking away filled with red hot rage funned, distilled, then forged into cold cruel ideas.

THIS WARN YOU. It will happen.

I think I'll start with a generalized inablity for these three people to come up with any sort of sexual identity as the reason for their critical misreading of the source text.

The first essay's comment on the strip? Geeky nice boy can't get pussy. Right because the XKCD guy is clearly intenrested in sex, sex only and has absolutly no desire of actual human contact of any sort. Fuck even the guy with a hat wanted a girl friend that he could connect with and not some milksop fuckpuppet.

The misreading clearly stems from the author's own inadiquecies

Okay here is what we do. We attack the idea of gender at it's root. Any and all conversations about gender come from feminism, queers, and rednecks.

A whole top to bottom gutting of certain ideas is really important. See this sort of behaviour out of people is compleatly unacceptable.

Let's back away from gender. It is possible to seperate gender and sex. Sure it isn't easy. But the hell if people were better at setting up some sort of sexual idenity they wouldn't need any sort of gender identity. Sexual idenity and self esteem issues. I have seen matriarchal systems be just as cruel, closeminded, and pathetic as patriachal ones.

I will calm down. I will figgure this out. I will retaliate. I am utterly tired of this shit.

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