Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wee I can make an ass of myself using xkcd too!

Here look at this strip:

By choosing to retain a childish nature in this strip, instead of acting like a responsible normal women, the female in this strip is willingly giving herself over to the patriarchal male embrace that says, "Don't worry little person who can't take care of themselves we will protect you"

The male's near immediate physical response to the females immaturity demonstrates both a sexual fatherhood complex, along with severe pedophilia tendencies. However, he manages to find a sexual partner who is immature and needs taking care of, so that they do not fill their apartment with play pen balls.

The last panel is particularly telling of what the future brings. If you noticed the wall keeping the playpen balls is knocked over by the male to get to the female allowing the balls to escape. The female allowing this to happen exchanges phyical love making for the privlage of having playpen balls inside her house. Note to that he heart is also outside the doorway. Which, again shows that both of them are willing to exchange love, childhood, innocents, for physical affection and company rather than any sort of actual computability.

More so than in the strip pointed out in the first post XKCD's misogyny becomes clearly apparent. Here we have a women presented as a non threatening, confused individual who is willing to go through great lengths to procure the male's attention. She is then immediately willing to submit to him with no more than 37 (yes I counted) words passing between them.

If you are not yet convinced examine the first panel closely. He is approaching her, asking her about her plans, presumably to take her on a date or to have a friendly chat. However, considering the Schrodinger's rapist essay and the collected works of Andrea Dworkin I think we really know how the evening would of ended. That aside, her demonstration of massed immaturity, combined with her ability to rationalize out her immaturity shows that the procedural method of falling in love, and earning the respect necessary for physical coupling is no longer necessary. She has willingly regressed into a childhood state which means that she is always ready and wiling to accept her red hot slab of man cock that just happened to wander by.

I would now like to return to the posts that started this whole discussion. I think that these posts provide sufficient critical evidence to demonstrate the fact that these are not characters individually wrapped in a quiet little world. NO! In fact these characters are parables, or perhaps morality plays. I will open discussion to the proper term for anyone who wants to take it up. These characters however, do represent EVERY MAN and EVERY WOMAN without exception. That is where the brilliance of XKCD lies. It isn't about love or sweetness.

No it is about women needing to learn the comforting embrace of patriarchy because they are unable to properly take care of themselves, or make appropriate sexual choices.

See wee! Beating up XKCD is fun and easy.

I can do this for just about every single strip. I could make this strip about an abusive relationship.

Here is the thing. A nearly infinite amount of interpretations are possible. That is the reason for the death of the author. It is to turn their works into something potentially greater than what they started with. I mean look at all of what I just wrote. It is a valid argument backed up with evidence from the text.

However, just because it is valid doesn't make it right. It is wrong. That is clearly not what the strip is about and I am simply twisting the evidence at hand to make it say whatever I want, ie my soap box of the week.

More dangerously people do this in their everyday life where they will misinterpret harmless signals as dangerous and dangerous signals as harmless. There is a certain beauty in the way so many of us can look at something and we can all come up with something different. I think it is wonderful. However, there do need to be lines drawn in the sand occationaly. These lines need to be drawn with flexibility, wisdom, grace, and intelligence, so that when the inevitable mistakes are made we can see why and how to do it better the next time. FYI this process never involves throwing around post modernist terms without explaining them. Just sayin.

Okay I am done now.


evan said...

I know said that first post you linked sort of had a point, but this post is righter than that one was.

thekolo said...

Well sometimes it helps to take a nap before deciding on a course of action.

I do plan on making it my life's mission to knock feminism off its high horse.

Might as well start after I am done with my novel.