Friday, October 23, 2009


I like adding extra letters to words that already seem like they have to many letters in them. I do so miss the days where spelling was a matter of style and not a way for people to feel supurior to other people who have better things to do rather than sit around and memorize proper spellings. But I digress...which should be impossible because I haven't begun yet.


There is a trope that is developing, or maybe it is already here. It is the idea of what happens when Superman goes bad. Not even bizzaro superman style I am talking bat shit peanut butter and banana sandwitch butt fuck evil. What do you do? Who do you call?

The answer? No one. Your heads and pray to whatever god is left standing. Irredeemable proudly has a volume one on its spine promising more to come. So don't expect everything to be wrapped up right away. However, unlike Black Summer where the super hero in question really thought he was doing good, this guy is very specifically doing some pretty terrible things. Terrible like wiping Singapore off of the face of the earth,

It is an interesting concept though. Most of the initial book is people slowly realizing that they never really got to know the Plutonian (ie superman). They never understood his motivations, where he came from, if he was an alien of some sort or a kind of mutant. People were just happy he was thier side. Which brings up a sort of frightening point about superman. Most people in the DC universe don't know jack about him. They don't. They know he was an alien but they don't know of his up bringing and what guides his moral compass. So when the Plutonian snaps his former team mates immeadiatly scramble to start trying to find any sort of clues as to what happened. Then they started hunting down his alternate identities, ex girlfriend, where he grew up, and where his most powerful villian had fucked off to.

It is dark, frightening and clausterphobic. One of my favorite moments is when the Plutonian comments that he fills people's worlds with magic and miracles. For the most part people are greatful but he can hear everyone who complains that they didn't get saved fast enough, or well enough. In a crowd of thousands there is at least one making fun of his costume, or complaining about something. I could see how that could wear away on a man. Always alone, feeling the tendrils of resentment. There really are people who do nothing but run around and bitch about everything.

The thing is I already feel that the world is filled with miricales and magic. It is an amazing world that we live in, it just needs to be looked at the right way. All around me I see people who are so focused, not just on the negative but on a negative that just doesn't bloody matter. I've had days where I sysmpathise with the Plutonian I really do. Fortunatly thouse days are usually very short lived. I like the book though, it made me want to go and reaccess the things that I am greatful for, and the things that aren't so great right now? Well they could be a hell of a lot worse.

I'm feeling better by the way. Time to get to work then.

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