Monday, October 19, 2009

God Devouring Stance

I like that phrase. Yeah yeah it is very exalted but I don't give a damn. Or should I say fuck I don't paticularly care.

I was going to write something else and a little bit of fiction but damnit it is really cold in books a million and I don't feel like going back out to my car to get something warm to wear. Jesus I think it is colder in here than it is outside. Also my hands are dry and that makes me ever so slightly annoyed. Alrighty, lets go foward a bit.

So I was going to write about some of the frustrations I was having with the world around me. So many people rail against the government but they won't lift a hand to help improve anything. If they do lift a hand it is usualy to lash out against the government instead of working to make things better.

People love to talk about the poor like they are one unified whole instead of a clump of individuals who are bound together by nothing more than ecconomic circumstances which is the flimsiest of ties. I hear it all the time, poor people are the noble workers who are beaten down by the system, and then I'll hear someone else saying that they are all lazy incompetent morons I hear that their violence is justified, and that they both deserve and don't deserve handouts. Of course no one thinks of the poor as more than one thing. Nope the poor is unified, we are the poor, we will assimilate. Poooooor. It is a bunch of crap and I really hate it when people talk about the poor as singular and solvable. They are people and their various situations are as varied as they are.

Then the objectification of women in porn. God that bugs me. Like there are no men in porn what so ever. Or that male on male porn isn't just as objectifying. Then there is porn where objectification is part of the fetish, like in certain bdsm pornography. So when we talk only about the poor poor women, compleatly ignoring everything else it starts to raise my hackles.

Then there is the bdsm community in general. Jesus god what the hell is wrong with most of these people? Yeah so I like to recieve and occationally give signifigant ammounts of abuse. I would like to wear something other than those retarded leatherdaddy harnesses.

But then I see things that give me hope. Some one was talking about GRUE a bondange festival up in New England somewhere. The guy was happy to of been there, and in awe of all the things he still had left to learn. His new interest has become speed bondage, which I admit is something I've always had in the back of my head as something I want to do and something I would love to learn about. It is pretty neat sounding. In case you don't know it is basicly tying someone down who isn't 100% passive. It is an essential skill for the Dom with a bratty sub. Or at least it should be.

I love bondage. I love it deep down to the bottom of my soul. I love the knots, the ritual, the relationship that comes along with it, and all the other things. I love how complex it is. There is so much to learn, and yet...yet... I've done so very little of it. Which is horribly sad. Oh well they is plenty of time to fix that. Anyway my hands are numb and I really feel doing something else, tonight is a good reading night or something like that. I have De Sade's Vallet waiting for me which is pretty exciting.

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