Saturday, October 10, 2009

To be fair...

I typed up something else for most of lunch and now I only have less than 20 minuts left. I suppose I could just do something else but I don't feel like finishing A Void, starting The Feaverhead, or reading Time. I like Time and all but not today. I think I need to give politics a rest. I want to refocus my atensions back onto lit theory and stuff like that. It is been awhile since I've really done stuff like that. Politics is neat but it is sort of all encompassing. There really isn't to much of a middle ground with it.

I remeber I had this same issue when my teacher wanted me to join the foresnics team and I turned her down. I told her that I had time issues and that I simply wasn't willing to spend that much time with it. I am starting to come up against that now. Like the whole Isreal/Palistine thing. Forming an educated opinion of that was going to take weeks if not months. It is such a multifaced problem that coming to even a partial understanding of it would take forever and it always changing.

Oh well. So yeah! Lit theory though I have all sorts of fucking opinions on it and I am good at it. So I am going to refocus on that for a bit. This means I am going back to reading multiple things at the same time and prolly updating less. OH and I want to do some more of that RPG theory thing, it is exciting to me. I might do that tonight! I dunno okay werk time even though I dun't wanna.

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