Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Breaking Down Walls

So I've come across two problems in the PPP, one is the transitory nature of the internet.

Okay so here is the deal. I want to turn the context that pronography is presented in as a text in of itself. I can do that because I just did. So the actual text that appears on a pornographic website, the back of the movie, and those weird random acting scenes that happen between sex scenes in certain pornos I want to take all of these things, seperate them out and turn up the heat on them. It is hard to use direct quotes with internet sources though because internet porn sites tend to be rather fly by night. Also it is going to be nearly impossible to go and verify what the back of extreame gaping three says. I like quotes, they ground your argument and give you something concreate to work from before you go flying off to mars.

No matter, exteame paraphrasing for the win! Also I think we are in a pretty universal state here.

Okay so this is the way it is going to go. Brainstorm!

Start by talking about the metaphysical problems with pornography, specifically discussing how a real sex act becomes a represntation of a sex act as a result of both how the movie is filmed and how the movie is initially presented.

Transission into how not all porn is created equal, how fetish porn differentiates from, gay porn, child porn, crushing, et cetera. This might be the section where I throw Mrs. Dworkin around and make her look right. In fact yes do that.

While Dworkin is wrong about the pron itself she is right about the way it is presented. They are all made to look like disgusting whores. First we will explore the rhetorical effects of the language surrounding the videos. It's effects are multiple, sets up the other, reduces guilt by dehumanizing the actresses, catches the talk dirty to me fetish, catches the domination fetish. It also reduces feelings of sympathy or remorse for the actors/actresses involved setting up a senario in which they are both used, and willing to be used.

Transistion into Lacan. This is where the shit gets real. Page 429 in the Ecrits book has the formula that I need to use. The language surrounding the image is the Signifyer. The image itself becomes the signified. What ends up happening though is that a metaphor ends up being formed where the image becomes a metaphore for "sluts doing dirty things" instead of leaving the image as an empty set. As a result the fact that we are watching a real sex act never enters into the equation. It becomes a simulated sex act that ends up passing for the real.

Okay I think that is right.

My head kind of hurts.

I need to review the metaphor stuff in Lacan to make sure I've gotten it right. I think I did. See the picture itself is also part of the metaphor as the meaning surrouning the picture then becomes transposed onto the picture itself, basicly this is the way captions work. The problem is that these captions are ending up being detrimental to the way these people work and on and on it goes.

Okay so I think I got half of the essay done. This doesn't actually cover the porno plot things that will be more of the simulation simulacra thing. Then when both are present the whole thing gets really crazy fun.

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