Friday, January 1, 2010

December in Review

So now then. December totally happened, no matter how much I want to believe it wouldn't. Lets review shall we?

Blog wise, 16 entries. Some of them were shorter than usual. Four of them were angry rants. The one about parenting was paticularly unfocused. Evan wrote his own response to it in his own blog. Ultimately I fell victim to the same thing the writer of the article did. It is also a subject that hits a little close to home to me, after all I more or less raised myself with my parents making guest appearances. It is also a sticking point for me. I see SO many people who are just unable to handle life, myself included. Maybe I am just angry at my inability to do basic things like get an apartment by myself. Who knows. At the end of the day I am still 16 and my parents suck.

The religion one was just weird for me.

I liked the your pal the president thing. It was a nice fairly solid two part blog entry. What I really need to do is to read less time and more Harpers/Atlantic/Foreign Affairs and do commentary on articles like I did with the president thing...only you know on really good articles. I dunno. We'll see, right now I am in the middle of my own thing. Speaking of which at the end of the month I start getting some nice solid brain work done on that, that's nice.

I aborted the whole let's play Dwarf Fortress thing because doing a season by season update of that game doesn't interest me. It is needlessly time consuming. Still taking time out and outlining what is going on in the fortress was a lot of fun. I want to do another one now that it is further along. I just went through my second siege and it went rather hilariously.

Unpublished, I wrote up two SLA bpns. That is quite a bit of writting actually. I plan on putting them up in the licking the subconsious blog once I run them. Or sooner if I just sort of feel like it. What I think I am going to do is publish the session and then in the comments post what actually happens. Cause you know the two things are compleatly diffrent from each other.

Okay that about takes care of the writing all in all a pretty good month. Lets move onto the life thing.

So I realized earlyer this month I was enimic, aenimic...fuckit iron deficient. I was like that all november too. Basicly I would come home from work and some nights I would just literally pass out for an hour. Then I would wake up fit as a fiddle and carry about my buisness. After a month and a half of that I decided to worry. Then thinking about the problem logically it sounded like an iron deficiency. So I picked up a multi vitamin with iron in it and started taking it every day. Wouldn't you know it? The shit cleared right up. Hasn't happened once since I've been vitamen enhanced. The solution was almost to simple. Though I suppose it is nice to have one or two things that aren't a struggle.

I also go into a nasty habit. See feeling tired and crappy after work I would come straight home instead of writting, watch Star Trek the next generation, and then go do something else. The problem is that that I started watching more and more star trek, sometimes I'd spend three hours a night on that shit. Now I am not adverse to a little tv watching but twords the end I just had it on while I was looking at pictures on the internet. That's when I pulled the plug. About that time the iron thing happened and I started getting back on track. A couple of days later I started serious construction on the post modern pornography project. Of course it might not of happened if every fucking store wasn't spamming christmas music but whatever! We are good to go now. I am banned from the tv until further notice and as a result my productivity skyrocketed. That isn't to say I can't watch movies. However, movies are diffrent. I don't know how they just are.

My mom came an visted me. I think it has been two years. Maybe more. Not everything is for publication though.

I did get to see Sasha though! I don't get to do that every month so it is a big deal. However I don't think her parents like me very much. Every time they seem to track her down and collar her I am there. I wonder what they think of that. Prolly not much.

I didn't get sick, I didn't kill anyone, and I still fucking hate Christmas with a passion. Oh well.

Oh yeah new years happened. Whatever. Actually I might give that its own blog. I am seriously in the mood to write at the moment.

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