Saturday, January 2, 2010

January Preview!

January Outlook- So this is a new thing. Not really entirely a new thing but more of a variation of an old thing. In combnination with the month in review I also want to start doing a monthly preview of sorts. Or more of come up with a list of things I want to do, start doing or need to do. Something like that. I am not sure what sort of form it is going to take but I figure if I start now I’ll be able to get a move on.

So what do I have planned for January. Well first of all my lease is up in Febuary, and I’d like to move. It isn’t so much that I don’t like where I am living now. I mean I was never supposed to live here for longer than a year, but it grew on me. I love the road I live on, it is an absolutely beautiful road. My neighbors are quiet and nice for the most part. Some of them are poor though. They aren’t poor because of lack of money but rather lack of an ability to put what little money they have to work for them. They feel they are victem of circumstance and they keep allowing themselves to be vicemized by circumstance instead of taking the horse by the reins so to speak. It is a tricky dangerous topic and it really only applies to a couple of people so lets move away from it. Long story short this place has grown on me, and the location is absolutely perfect. It is just that the individual unit I live in is just so shitty. At this point every window leaks. Every single one. The roof in the back bed room leaks, and because of the pit of dirt all around us the whole place is dirty. So it is time to go now. I’ve only done something like this once before and I am worried about it. I am not good about stuff like this and I wish I had someone around to guide me. I don’t. No one I trust that is. So I am going it alone. It’s strange I know people who can do this sort of thing effortlessly but they can bearly tie their shoes. We all have our achillies heels I suppose. From the looks of things I’ll be sticking with the trailer life. This is fine with me. Tuesday and Wensday I am going to go looking at places, Craige’s list makes this sort of shit easy as pie.

As a result writing and other projects might be a little light. I find this sort of thing stressful.

As for my writing projects I want to get at least one part of the PPP written in big boy voice. That means pictures and everything. I think I am going to start with something simple and go with the deifinitions and breaking down some of the misconceptions about pornography. I’ll be starting with softcore and working my way up. I plan on doing several compariosons with art to actual paintings. Famous ones! I want to talk about representations and the different ways we interact with representations and how they cause us to both enter into and interact with a hyper real state. It is going to be a lot of fun, it also might be an unmitigated disaster. So we’ll see.

I also want to get a couple of more SLA bpns written and put together. I also want to run at least one game session this month. Depending on how things go with moving that may or may not be possible. Hrm I need to figure out how to take apart my damn futon. I can dismantle just about anything putting back together however? Ah well. This thing sucks I might just ground score a mattress.

Comic wise? To the best of my knowledge nothing new comes out that is on my must buy now list. The new walking dead book maybe? Maybe. I dunno. I need to save my pennies because next month the new VTES expansion comes out and I plan on hugging it to death. With knives!

Gaming wise I want to get better with Rufus and to figure out what I want to do video gaming wise. Really? Right now I am at an impass. I don’t want either next gen system and getting a new computer is really not something in the cards. Right now? I think I’ll just save my moneies. I would like to play DMC4 before I give him back his 360.

I was going to say I wanted to start hitting up used book stores and getting some books but if I am going to be moving that is a retarded idea. Ah what the hell though, I have enough milk crates for everything. It shouldn’t be a problem. Specifically I want more McCarthy books. I’ve only read half of Blood Meridian before ADDing out of it. I have a hankering to start reading again and that is what I’ve settled on. I feel like a bit of a kunt because I still have stuff I grabbed from Sasha as she was moving. However, I am a man of strong desires and I feel no need to ignore them in this particular instance. Asides, I promised myself I would start reading more, and it worked swimmingly! The problem? I can’t keep up. Especially if I am going to be buying new books. So first I am going to see what I can get from used book stores. is nice but once you factor in shipping most times you only save a couple of bucks. So! Like I said off I go. Sasha called it to my atension the other day that my copy of A Clockwork Orange is missing. Which is sad I like that book a lot. Okay well that seems like everything I need to say for this month. I’m going to be really disappointed with myself if I don’t successfully move.

Oh hey yeah I want to hit the fiction writing again. I’ll figure that out latter in the month. I might want to weave that in with the SLA stuff or something. I dunno.

Okay now I am done. Lets see how things go in the monthly review.

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