Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dust and Kisses

This was originally a random topic blog that I started in books a million but I got hungry and ended up just going home and ditching it. Oh well. I like the title though so I am going to reuse it. It is also going to be one of those random topic things because I feel like it. It will be a good moment to collect some of my thoughts as I start rolling fowards.

One!- The post modern pornography project is still around. I got a large portion of the introduction written which I hate so I am going to go back and rewrite it. Fuck my backspace button is giving out that is really lame. Oh well it still works you just have to really want it. So expect the number of typos to skyrocket because my typing really isn't very accurate on this keyboard, not sure why. Oh well. Anyway the main reason why it is stalled at the moment is mostly due to how fucking cold it is. It is hard to type when you can't feel your fingers, and I can't concentrate hard enough while at work. I think I am going to make it a goal to work on it some tonight. I also plan to just start toughing through the cold and working on it anyway because I refuse to be held prisoner by the weather. So there. Okay so then plan set.

Two@- I've been doing a lot of reading recently, I don't know why I've just been in the mood. I went back and reread Highwater which is one of the most amazing Constantine books ever. It will get its own blog post shortly, I also got around to reading Incognito. Jesus it took long enough. I was so exicted about that book too. Oh well it was amazing. However! Since I am in this reading phase I am taking advantage of it and I finnaly restarted blood meridian. Woo I really love that book. The first time I stopped reading it cause of skool, the second time I just lost the damn thing. But I got it now and it is totally being read. I should read the Road next because Sasha said so, but I am in a Faulkner mood and she has a hard time bullying me when she is so far away. *misses sasha*. Anyway, I am in a Faulkner mood! So the next thing I am reading is Light in August cause it looks neat and it has a pretty cover. So that's gonna happen soon. I'm excited.

Okay looks like I am only getting to two, damnit. To be fair I got distracted by things. Things like Angel and Christeen. Oh well maybe I'll finish this later tonight.

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