Friday, January 15, 2010

Okay I wish I could get do overs on my days

So there was a whole bunch of things I meant to do yesterday and I got exactly nothing done. I am not even sure how it happened but I know that I was signifigantly annoyed as a result. Oh well. Kingdom of Loathing run got wrapped up last night. I smashed my ascension record by over 200 turns which is amazingly impressive. It still took the same number of days which doesn't make sense to me but I'll figgure that out somehow where. Already this run is going fantastically and soon I hope to be able to crank out 7 day hardcore runs on a regular basis.

Other than that? Jesus I did nothing. I made a half hearted attempt to troubleshoot my desktop and that just didn't happen. As a result I ended up playing a lot of Dwarf Fortress. I love that game, but I meant to get writting, research, and reading done. I just flat out didn't do any of it. I instead just hung out. See this isn't something I don't mind doing but it needs to happen on purpose othersieI get really testy. It's important to me that I live a deliberate life and yesterday things just happened to me.

Oh well. Its good to write about these things. And it is only three now so I have 12 to 13 hours left today to get something more or less accomplished.


Goals for the day:

Some PPP
Make SLA PRemade charecters
Finnish up cuntface semester
Annnnnnd then some dwarf fortress.

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