Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I shouldn't be here right now. I shouldn't be. I should be in the car. I don't like the car but I should be there. I should be crossing through Alabama into Mississippi and eventually into New Orleans. I should be walking through rain slicked streets looking for a place called Ruby Fruit, I should be getting a hug from the only person I really want one from. Instead I am in Books a Million.

I'm over it for the most part. The senario I just played out for you above will happen on Tuesday night, 6 days from now. I won't be looking for Ruby Fruit though but whatever. Delays happen, and in all other times I have handled them with varying amounts of grace. This one however, I am handleing the worst. This is because I can't go because of work. See work is one of those things. I generally let it have as little effect on the rest of my life as humanly possible.

So when my boss told me I had to come in on my day off for an hour long meeting I told him to take a flying leap. When I was asked the other week to come in on my day off I told them "no". I rarely if ever stay after to help out. My job is there to support my life, it is not to unduely interfere with my life nor is it my life. Most people seem to get this backwards.

Most people seem to think that work is life. One time I had to sit my mom down and explain the diffrence. She still doesn't get it, that's okay though. My boss also doesn't seem to understand what is so horrible about having to come in on my day off so he can drone on about things I don't give a fly fuck about. Its sad in a way because I do think that work is the sum total of his life and he is lost without it.

No matter. So yeah I am annoyed, but it is one of those things where my hands are tied. Calling in would more or less break the uneasy truce I have with the idea of work. Explaining the uneasy truce would take to long and I don't understand it all myself. I know enough about it that it is fundamentally hypocritical, flawed, and if I talk to much about it I will realize the full depths of both of these things fly off the handle and get myself fired.

AND SO! It is one of those things I try not to question to hard. I'm still grumpy though, and more than a little sad.

Most of my initial anger I took out on someone at work who deserved it. So that's always nice. Then I read War of the Kings, which was relaxing and FUN! I've also been playing a lot of Dwarf Fortress. Man I love that game. It is why I am here actually. Were I to go home right now I would prolly re-read war of the kings, andf play Dwarf Fortress all night long. However, I want to take a stab at doing something productive so I'm... bitching.

Oh well I guess I should move onto a topic...yeah it will get its own post.

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