Saturday, January 16, 2010

Start Trek TNG

Considering I recently power patched a couple of seasons of star trek I should take some time and write about it. I mean after all I did spend a lot of time doing it and it is one of those core things that makes me a geek. Going back and rewatching the first season I got to understand a little bit of the show. It is clear that none of the writers knew what they were doing. An example would be when they came upon some alien ship they had never seen before and he tells Jorde to go get a better look at it. Now logically you would think this would involve a shuttle craft, or a probe, or some sort of gadget. Instead he ran to a window and started out of it for a minut using his fancy eye visors. I think the fact that hs fancy eye visors have scanning ability that is above and beyond a state of the art galaxy class star ship is a little crazy. But that's how it was in the early days of the show. The holodeck was just a place where people could go and look at nature images and there was a real honest to goodness sense of exploration, and exparamentation. Not just within the cast but also within the writting. They were carving out the history of a new future, and there were things they didn't understand, like Data. People talk about how everyone knows how to do everything in star trek and yet there sits someone who no one properly understands.

More so than anything else the main thing I noticed is how much extra crap everyone on the enterprise does. The episodes will start with people playing instruments, painting, riding horses, building a model ship, fencing, or just plain old reading. Even throughout the episode they will show Picard contimplatng math equations that have no answer. There people were more than just explorers they had hobbies, interests, they were a ship of geeks and the show did an excelent job showing what it would be like to live in an isolated area with disciplined people who were all really interested in things.

Ultimatly, that is my favorite part of the show, the thing that redeems it over everything else. These were people who are more than their jobs, they are interested in the past, in music, literature, poetry, and exploration. This is the way exploration should be, not all capitalism and shit.

Oh well that's that really.

Around season three they reached their stride and episodes became more formulatic

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