Wednesday, January 20, 2010


America is a funny place. I'm not sure how many are active and I am in a crappy mood so you can go look it up your fucking self, but there are a shit ton of anti government organizations running around in the US. It's strange because they people vocally hate the government, and sometimes black people. They rail against the current establishment and hell some of them even stock pile weapons. There are large numbers of people who live in fortified compounds in the woods with amassed weapons. Sometimes this goes tits up on them like in Waco. However, for the most part we have these large groups of people who can snap at any moment an cause huge amounts of damage. Oklahoma city was two people. No financial backing or training. Two people who leveled a building. Imagine what could happen if a 100 of these fuckers decided it was time to rise up. Sure sure they would be beaten down like dogs eventurally, but not before throwing a couple of major cities in complete disarray and causing untold amounts of deaths.

So why don't they?

See when we look at the stuff going on in Iraq, Afganastan, Pakastan, or what have you maybe we should take a peek into our own back yard. It isn't religious fervor, I mean these organizations are almost universally christian in origin and ideology. So it has to be some other factor. There is something that is keeping these people in check, some sort of social pressure, or some sort of fear, there is something. Something that keeps these people in check, and makes other people strap dynamite to their chests and charge a cafe. I think learning the diffrences between the taliban and our own collection of insurgent organizations is key to understanding the conflict there and dealing with conflict here.

It is one of those stunningly simple ideas that no one has really picked up on. But I mean good god damn we got some scary people running around our country. There has to be some reason why they aren't acting on their hate, fear and anger.

This kinda goes back to all the research I did into Neo Nazism/KKK awhile back. They always talked about the future, where the war is going to happen. The great war of the races or something like that. He said the war will start when the races unnite, the blacks will seize power, and the jewish banker conspiracy will take down the finacial system. It wasn't to much latter that we had a finacial crash with a black president. You know I half expected a waco style flair up of violence but it didn't happen. The thin is though is that they didn't talk to the real leaders of any movements. They talked to people who were more interested in putting up a respectable front, people who masked their fear and ignorance with a snappy uniform along with shouting Hail Hitler. What is up with people who still shout that, the main is dead there is no reason to shout that anymore. Find a new charismatic leader and shout his name. Good heavens.

Ignoring the looser brigade though there are people out there who are legitimatly really fucking scary. Figguring out why they are marauding would be advantageouse. After all the Taliban has shown the world that we really suck at stopping gurilla tactics. Eh okay I am fucking starving. Home times activate!

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