Monday, January 11, 2010

Loathing the Kingdom.

Okay I want to go work on the PPP but I have this one topic rattling around in my head at the moment and it doesn't fit with what I was doing earlyer so now here we go.

I've stared playing Kingdom of Loathing again on a regular basis. Everytime I start playing it again I am always left wondering why it is I stopped. Sadly it has grown to be a fairly time consuming game, but it is increadbly fun so I don't really care. I am more than willing to give it an hour and a half of my evenings.

This entry is going to be about the game. You should play! YES YOU DO IT! just go to and get started because this game is made of awesome. You also aren't going to fucking get what I am saying unless you do.

So yeah! Right now I am midway through a Sauceror hardcore run. At the moment I just want to reach through the computer and strangle him. Sauceror ascensions have never been very much fun for me. Once I am done though what I plan on doing is going back to pastamaster, which despite being practically the same thing is somehting I enjoy playing much more. The original point of this run was to grab the candy cookbook spell and right now I am trying to figgure out if I still wanna do that or not. I'm thinking yes I do want it, I mean it is fun and it provides a nice little boost which helps out, espcecially since I am not really using candy hearts anymore. Also the sugar rush effect isn't really half bad, actually now that I look at it closely it is pretty ballin. THough I would like the make more sauceror runs without horror and to do that I need Wave of Sauce. Tonight I am going to see what it will take to make wave of sauce pay for itself and to see if it is worth it. If it is then I'll grab it and try another couple of sauceror runs before going back to pastamaster. If it isn't worth it then screw it I am going back to pastamaster and when I come back to sauceror hopefully it will just be genericly less horrible.

In general the next few skills I want are:

Candy Summoning
Sauce Attack Spell
Pasta Attack Spell
Intrinsic Spicyness
Impetouse Saucyness
Way of the Sauce
Surge of Icing (I really think this skill will pay off amazingly)
Lasagna Bandages Actually before I do another Sauceror run I am getting this skill fuckit
Spirit of Ravioli
Candy Blast

Okay so I feel like figguring out what order I want to get these skills. Then I wasted a half hour before giving up on it. Oh well. So a couple of final things.

Notes to make the run go faster.

1) I need to use clovers more. Specifically to get Stats. I mean a couple of clovers can turn into all sorts of crazy stat gain, especially once the bathroom is unlocked.

2) There is an alternative to flyering the guy made of bees. I must know what this is. I think it is something in the bottles but I am not sure what.

3) I need to learn to use my love songs more. They aren't just stupid powerful combat items but they are powerful potions as well and I should make use of them.

4) I need to learn to balance the snowcone, stickers, and candy hearts.

5) I just read how mining works, I now feel pretty stupid. That will help right there.

6) I need to find a more effcient way to do the hippy/fratboy war. Right now I think I am doing pretty good with it, and the Bathroom is no longer sub optimal so I guess its cool, espcially now that I have Sonatta. I dunno. This go around I am going to start tracking how many turns the war takes.

7)Learn to use the He-Boulder more. That starts tonight!

8) Be more willing to try out alternative food sources. This really kicks into gear next ascension when I start doing muscle sigh ascensions on a regular basis.

okay that seems like everything I can think of at the moment. Woop! Okay off to something else.

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